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Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Online Wealth Generation – Dr Peter James Hardy

Review: Online Wealth Generation – Dr Peter James Hardy Tom Wake
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Is Dr Peter James Hardy’s ‘Online Wealth Generation’ system a scam?

Ok, Online Wealth Generation from the fabulously named ‘Dr Peter James Hardy’ is really doing the rounds at the moment so I thought I’d take a look at this for Insider’s Edge.

So what is it?

It’s billed as a way to beating certain casinos’ so-called ‘random number generators’. Follow the sequence and apparently your odds of picking the right colour playing online roulette increase to 71.4%.

Sounds MAGIC… as do the tremendous profit claims. Hmmm.

Peter explains that all you have to do is deposit £45… or ideally “between £65 and £125 pounds” into his carefully selected casinos. Automatically this sets a couple of alarm bells ringing. Marketers like making big claims – that’s the name of the game. If they make honest claims that can be backed up I see nothing wrong with it. However, the upfront promise from Online Wealth Generation is in my opinion misleading, reckless even because unless he personally owns these casinos and hands you the key to their bank vault it cannot be backed up. Here’s what it says:

“The following method is guaranteed to be 100% risk-free & extremely profitable… you will earn £400 to £600 per day”.

By depositing £45 into an online casino you are automatically risking that money. Yes, some of these casinos will offer you a ‘welcome bonus’ to get you to sign up, but these always come with strings attached.

UPDATE! Does this face look familiar? Click here to see where else this scamster’s cropped up…

How much does Online Wealth Generation cost?

It’s a clever sell because you’re not asked to part with any money for this strategy upfront. You get the system for free when you fill in your email address (it’s sent to you). The payment plan that’s proposed sounds incredibly trusting, perfect even.

So how does the good doctor get paid?

Online Wealth Generation – Dr Peter James Hardy

Not Recommended…

You’re asked to ‘donate’ 5% of your earnings from using the system – sounds fair enough. But something’s amiss here. According to the blurb they claim that “93% of all our users do donate on a regular basis”. Call me sceptical but I doubt if even 60%, let alone 93% of people who sign up to this will even try the system. Although the world is populated with wonderful, trusting people, there are also folk who won’t want to go to the hassle of making regular PayPal payments, or will simply forget.

You might be thinking “well… what’s the harm in just giving it a go?” and to be honest if this was a Betfair strategy or one which involved any of the large online bookmakers I would agree.

However, I’ve been digging around and found some evidence which goes some way to explaining why Dr Peter James Hardy is so unbelievably generous with his system.

How the good doctor really makes his money

To use his system, Dr Peter James Hardy recommends you use one of the 5 specific online casinos he’s hand picked. These are casinos which I had previously never heard of. So why does it have to be these 5? Apparently it’s all down to the RNS random number generator on which the system is purported to be founded on. This system “only functions on those listed casinos”.

I did some research into these casinos to see what I could dredge up. Nearly all of them are based offshore – partly due, no doubt to America’s strict gambling laws. This isn’t necessarily a red flag, however it does mean that you have to be on your guard. Big time. Why? Because you’re not subject to the same laws are you might be subject to in the UK.

Under ‘terms of use’ for one of these casinos it states: “**casino name** is incorporated under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda and is fully licensed and regulated by the laws of that country for the purpose of operating virtual casino gambling on the Internet”. I’ve blanked out the name here because it would be unfair of me to pick out one. Again, I’m not saying that these are scam casinos, but do some research before you even think about depositing your money into any of them. Some people appear to have had trouble picking up winnings with at least two of them, others have had different wrangles, and others seem to suggest the casinos are kosher – though they could well be plants. Be streetwise on this.

I suspect Online Wealth Generation has struck a hefty deal with these 5 casinos. Since you need to create an account with them to try and profit from the ‘so-called strategy’ he would make a very decent income giving this away for free if enough people signed up. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the system worked. The problem is he’s created an elaborate backstory to get you to open accounts.

You’re also asked to give your name and email address in registration which could be also be a motive behind this one – that he wants to flog you more products by email at a later date.

Avoid this one with 3 bargepoles and small dose of the plague. However this is not a closed shop. If anyone’s had a good experience with this do let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you haven’t already take a look at the update in the blog about the many faces of Dr Peter James Hardy. You can see it here:

Can you spot the imaginary doctor?

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49 Responses to Review: Online Wealth Generation – Dr Peter James Hardy

  1. yurps says:

    Yeah I am sure this is another one of those “after 3 red in a row on the roulette table, bet black, double your bet if you loss”. I tried this once and all is fine if it fails 1-5 times, the bet size is not to big, but doubling up after this gets dangerous. Of course it always works in demo mode, its when u play with live money that it goes wrong. Also if you just do a simple google of the Telegraph quote then you will see that this guy with his LSE algo background is probably just totally fiction. It is all about getting affliate cash for referals to casinos.

  2. jazz says:

    I’m glad to see there are reviews on Dr Peter James Hardy slowly coming out. During October 2011 I was very skeptical about this, I was asking myself all the same questions as above. I thought that once I recieved the 5 step gap method after subscribing to the website that it might be legit seeing I’m not giving my credit card details directly to the online wealth generenation website. However I give my details to an online casino. I have played in online casino’s before and this seemed nothing out of the ordinary at this stage. Obviously I trial the method without real money first and it worked. Of course it’s gonna work in free play mode right? I decided to play for real money in 1 online casino, I understood to make $500 a day you had to play in 2 or more casino’s. As I was still skeptical at this point I decided to make a spreadsheet to make sure I didn’t actually lose money, my main focus was on recording the streak of either black or red and time played. The 5 step gap method claims you don’t put any money on the roulette table until 5 of the same colour appear, then the odds are in your favour. You put $1 on the opposite colour if you dont win you double up. To my surprise it was working I suffered a couple small losses early as I don’t think I understood the process properly or because I wasn’t willing to keep doubling up. Dr Peter James Hardy guarantee after doubling up from $1, $2, & $4 you’ll finally win $8 after outlaying $7, which is $1 profit. Remember you don’t start betting once you see a streak of 5 of the same colour that means after doubling up to $8 the streak is 9 of the same colour. I wouldn’t bet the next time and would have lost $7 to this point I recieved a generic email from the Dr. asking if I’d had any success with his method? I decided to reply saying The method is working however I’m suffering small losses. I was winning between $8-$12 each time I played, I really got into it and propably played around 5 times a day for a couple days and with the small losses I’d probaly only made $20 profit a day. I started to feel like the online casino new I was playing the 5 step gap method and that I was wasting my time and gave it a rest. The Dr. reassured me that the online casino’s had no way of knowing If I was playing the method. A week went by and with the small profit I’d previously made I decided to have another crack at it, this time I followed the Dr. advice which was just keep doubling up. I kept on doubling up to a streak of 10 & 11 which totals doubling up to $16 & $32, including previous best totals $63, this seems high risk now to win $64 and a $1 profit. However I never got a higher streak of 11, this is what I was recording on my spread sheet. So everytime I played a streak of 11 = $32 I won $64. I finally understand how the method works and was winning everytime without fail. I started bets with $3,$6,$12 ect then $5 bets and was winning. By this point I’d played 36 times and made a profit of $400. This is after playing for 2 weeks not in 1 day as the website suggest. I thought about opening another account in a different online casino until I played my 37th game. Got to my usual streak of 11 and placed my bet for $32 and lost. From this point I knew I was ****ed but I thought I’d come this far just double up 1 more time so I did, placed a $64 bet and lost. It’s ridiculous to lay out $127 to win $1. I wasn’t willing to double up again luckily I didn’ t because I would have lost again. This was the highest streak I recorded which was 14, and I haven’t played since. I can’t say I was surprised because I knew this was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. 2 days later I recieved an email from the doctor saying his website had copped a major hacker attack from an American online casino. He claims that they were unsuccessfull but I firmly believe that they were successfull in retrieving the emails of members subscribed to the online wealth generation website. Therefore the online casino’s knew I was a member of the Dr. website and was playing the 5 step gap method. This is the Dr. excuse I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience. I’ve had this feeling the whole time that the Dr. has a hiden agenda but I can’ t exactly work it out besides the Casino’s are giving him kickbacks or commisions to every time someone joins an online casino that he has refered. Also at around the same time I finished up playing I recieved another email saying that the 5 casino’s will stop using the RNS number generator on January 11, 2012 and that the 5 step gap method would no longer work beyond this date? I find it bizare that he still has the website up and running at 100% risk free if this is true. The next day I recieved another email about a new trade system he claims is risk free that involves trading ect. similar concept which makes me think he’d given up on the 5 step gap methods in online casino’s? I’d love to hear if someone has had a similar experience because I have a feeling he is given everyone the same pitch as they move through the stages of playing. To this point I still have $160 which is pretty much what I started with in an online casino and haven’t yet tried to claim it back, I’ll be very interested to see if I get it back or not, I’ll let you know how I go?

    • Maximillian says:

      Sounds to me like the system is simply put in place to hold your money, not give you any significant winnings, nor any severe losses… Simply to hold your money in the name of the Casinos and Dr Peter James Hardy. Realistically, with enough people signed up to the system, and the right tax evasions and scheming, they would be able to hold funds from their users sent to an offshore Casino Business (lower taxes etc) and then invest the money. Combine this with the fact that they have all of your details, and are able to resell this info onto advertising businesses, they don’t even have to outright scam you with making you loose all of your money. For a web based system to outright rip everyone off seems a little dim, the news would spread like wildfire.

  3. jazz says:

    If this is a scam it’s a very good one. Very believable on all acounts as it somewhats works. But Why doesn’t Dr. Peter James Hardy have an open forum on his website or something For members to share legit experiences? Rather than him tell his members that a stay home mum has just made $250 a day and $8000 in total playing his 5 step gap method. What is his secret? What is it he doesn’t want anyone else to know? From Oct 2011 to Feb 2012, 2 of his 5 recommended online casino’s have changed?? Why all a sudden are they using the RNS number generator that he has been able to decode in under 18 months, when he previously states there is a new machine that online casino’s use that is undecodable? which apparently they use from Jan 11, 2012?

  4. Ben says:

    Hi Jazz,

    I am in the process of writing a book on gambling. I have a part that deals with a fictitious ‘system’ that is exactly as you describe. I wonder if you’d allow me to include your post above about your experience in the book?

    Happy to forward you a copy of the exert that deals with such a system in return!


  5. Ben says:

    Oh, and yes it is a scam. 🙂

    In a nutshell, systems like this may work in the short term but you will inevitably be wiped out by a long streak of one colour.'s_fallacy

    The above article is a bit heavy and mathematical but note the streak of 26 it talks about.

    Some Googling and I saw anecdotal evidence of streaks as long as 32 of one colour. This is not to say the Casinos are rigged, this is just not as unlikely as you might think.

  6. jazz says:

    Ey Ben,
    Thanks for the confirmation!
    I’m more than happy to help, I can try and write something better for you if you like?? If you could forward me a copy that would be great! How can I get in touch, with out giving deatils over this site?

  7. Ben says:

    HI Jazz,

    Shoot me an email at xxxxxxxx and I’ll forward you the article.


  8. Tom Wake says:

    Hi Ben/Jazz. Great comments.

    Jazz please let me know when you’ve got Ben’s email address so I can delete it from here – otherwise he’ll get inundated with spam from web crawling robots.



  9. jazz says:

    Thanks Ben and Tom, Got it! Ill be in touch!

  10. graham says:

    I have been playing roulette all my lifeand thats 50 + years. I enjoy the game, Am I in pocket, I don’t think so, but on the whole some weeks you lose and some you win. I have never let it get to the stage where It became an addiction, as I probably only pay once a month now and I limit my costs very strictly.
    I have seen these type of systems peddled many times, I do not believe any will work in the long run and believe me I know the roulette “systems” backwards.
    The longest run of the same colour I have seen is 27.
    Don’t waste any money on this.

  11. Jack O Diamonds says:

    Check casino affiliate commission, Same Old Scam. Shiney New Packaging. Same Sxxx Inside. IMHO

  12. Keith says:

    It’s a Martingale strategy and doesn’t work. Ever. It will work in theory if you have unlimited cash AND there are no table limits, and all casinos have table limits so you are stuffed once you hit that limit, usually around $300 for roulette (or ot was in the casino I last looked at). So you get 9 or 10 losers in a row and you are over the limit, you can’t then double up to get your profit.

    He’s probably just doing this for the kickbacks from the casinos plain and simple.

  13. Mark says:

    I have seen a system advertised a few years ago, may be the same person! Don’t know. This system suggests that online and in the bookies on their virtual casino machines the software at some point has to throw out all numbers on the roulette table meaning that if you bet on both red and black for long enough then 0 (green) will come out eventually. Unfortunately I can’t remember the system as far as profiting from this goes but if anyone does and they think there’s something to this then let me know!!

  14. Cecile says:

    Its interesting that i only won substantial amounts in the first casino I activated. At all three others, the bot started to bet erratically, bet and lost all my balance near the end of the 23 minutes. This is not what I call risk-free.

    The other concern is that the bot pops up a message when your time is up with one of the Casino, encouraging you to deposit half of your winning “so that the casino does not suspect its an automated system playing.” Well if it was as legit as they claim it is… that raises quite a lot of flags.

    One of such flags being that no real life player would actually add money to the account BEFORE LEAVING. I reckon this is either a psychological trick to get you into the habit to make deposit and feel casual about it,

    For experiment purposes, I played along. I initially put 50$ and they gave me a 75$ bonus. I won slightly over 200$ and when i finished that time, I did add 50 bucks.

    After losing outrageously in the 3 other casinos I chose to withdraw 300 out of my 350 balance. Its going to take 4 days to get it credited to my credit card. AND THERE IS A CATCH since they deduct the 75$ bonus they gave you at the beginning if you did not play it 30 times (meaning you should not withdraw before you’ve played for 2250$ win or loose dollars)as soon as you withdraw, and not even the full balance, you are actually PAYING THE BONUS, which you lost during playing, out of that half of your wins deposit the bot recommands you make.

    Even trying to pause the bot does not prevent it to bid amounts you don’t agree with. I switched to advanced mode to specify threshold and bids and the both bet way over these amounts.

    I had major trouble logging into the casinos where i still had a balance. However, i could login those where i had nothing or pennies remaining. Another psychological trick to get you to upload money “while you wait” for the other casinos to allow you in (that has nothing to do with the timer, I had not played in over 12 hours in any of them when i first tried to login.

    Hopefully in 4 working days the amount of my withdrawal, 320, will appear on my cc. In total, i put 307$ from my own money. If so all that hassle brought in 13$. Hey that was my lucky day!

  15. Tom Wake says:

    Some really constructive comments here. Thanks all.

  16. George says:

    I’ve just downloaded RouletteBotPlus which seems to work on the same principles but goes even further. This bot monitors other bet sequences such as odds/evens, first,second and third rows, high/low numbers,dozens etc and plays them all as they occur. Two or more sequences do not seem to occur at the same time, unless it works out the most profitable bet and only places that.
    I joined a couple of the recommended casinos to use their fun money mode and I realised that the username and passwords they issued were in the same format. I would not have expected this from independent and unlinked casinos.
    This software is free and only works on the suggested casinos.
    Yes, you can make a donation.
    The profits in fun money mode were great, £100 in one timed session but I never ventured into real money mode so my experience ends there. Maybe someone else has some input on this one,I would be very interested to know if there are any positive results in real money mode.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi George, you’re right to be wary. You’ll often find yourself experiencing a miraculous string of wins in the ‘fun’, or practice mode. This is designed to lure you into depositing and gambling with real money – and then suddenly the run of good luck stops. I’ll take a look at RouletteBotPlus – it’d be interesting to see if anyone else has had any experience with it.

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  18. Sankalp says:

    Hi I have experimented a lot with roulette, searched the internet dry trying to find a successful system and all i can say nothing like that exists. The most important thing to remember is that Random Number Generators are not completely random. I once one 200 pounds over a week in a casino and then lost it on a continuous streak of 16. This happened just after i withdrew about 65 pounds that i had initially deposited. Coincidence?? maybe… maybe not… but my advice would be to stay away from roulette as it is never risk free… it’s almost better to use strategies like matched betting which i have been doing for some time now…. it might not be the fastest way and the profits not very high but it is completely risk free.

  19. Graeme Ross says:

    I tried this last year and deposited £45 plus £45 bonus after trying the demo modes. At first everything seemed to be going fine slowly making a small profit then it went on a run of blacks and totally wiped me out. I e-mailed Dr Peter James Hardy to tell him what I thought and his reply was to try depositing £75. I decided not to take him up on his offer in my opinion this is nothing but a scam for you to register with casinos I still get e-mails from the casinos offering bonuses.

  20. hagen says:

    This pretty witty Doctor Peter James Hardy, bsc, PHD is obvious a very nice guy to share his brilliant algorythm machine with us. I found it interesting that he mention bsc and PHD after his name- isn’t it unusual for any academic to pronounce the BSc after his name when in possession of a PhD? I don’t want to be too fuzzy about that though.Have those high potentials not usually at least an account with he doesn’t have one. Next question, does a random number generated really costs hundreds of thousand pounds? Doesn’t have any fruit machine at the next whetherspoon’s one of those implied? Further, if we consider that his donation account shows some 120.000, which should represent 5% of the earnings than those 5 casinos in question would have suffer a loss of 2.4 million pounds.

    • Cecile says:

      Now I feel like a total dork 😉 !!!

      By the way, I was not able to recup the money put. I mean they are removing all the gains before they allow me to withdraw (because of the bonus situation) That means that although with that one casino where i won i would have covered my losses in the other casinos where the bot went bunkers, I cannot withdraw the earning and they are resetting my account.

  21. Dr Real World says:

    Casino’s make money because the odd’s are stacked in their favour, this means the odd’s are stacked against everybody and anybody that gambles.

    There is no system and there will never be any system, algorithm or anything else that beats odd’s that are stacked against you.

    Wake up, stop gambing !

  22. casino protector says:

    It is clear fraud simply by just over 5 seconds to think.

  23. Mick Wright says:

    He’s an affiliate of these sites… and probably also in breech of his T&C with those 5 casino’s. If you have time, report him and the accounts will be closed. I couldn’t be bothered to be honest.

    The Good doctor also doesn’t erm… exist!

    Here’s the very same Peter James Hardy supposedly now a Christian minister and not called Dr. Peter James Hardy either…this time scamming naive american religious folk out of their money. Not too hard a mark either!

    …and here he is again… this time as Dr. Francisco Manuel Ortiz.

    It seems he not only has many websites, but many names, many jobs and lots of other peoples’s money…

    You are being way, way too careful in your blog report… this scam has been running on the internet since the ’90’s only a fool would fall for it…and there are a lot of those!

  24. Shotonme says:

    omg what a scam. He is realy on son of a b….

    How can he do that to people.

    I try those systems on roullete. Not this RouleteBot.

    I try roullete system to play on thirds (from 1-12, from 13-24, and from 25-36). The system says, that you have to put at least 100$ on casino room. I had already some money on casino room (it was PARTYPOKER i think, around 50$ i had there). So i decide to try it.

    The system says that you have to rotate roullete for free (so you bet on BLACK and RED), and you have to rotate so many times that numbers that more than 5 times in a row,not includes number of 1st, 2nd or 3rd third.

    So it means, you rotate for free and 5 or 6 times in a row the numbers are 5,10,3,19,22,16 –>

    this means its time to bet on 3rd third. So you bet 1$ on 3rd third and spin, if doesnt hit, you bet 2$ on 3rd third, if you doesnst hit bet 3$, nex bet is 4$, next is 6$, and so on. Last bet i think is around 107$.

    I try this, i made some ++ $, from 50$ i made 192$ in 20 min. Next day i try again, supr happy :D… and you know what? 😀

    A number of 1st third doesnt show up for around 18 times. I lost all :D.

    The systems claim you, that thi is winning strategy and bla bla bla.

    Do not waste your time on that pepole. If you want to make money with casino games, go play poker. There is some luck, but there is a lot of knowledge, and studying.


  25. Steve says:

    I worked at the LSE on the SETS project and during the period this guy claims to have worked there. He did NOT.

    This guy is a fake – please don’t waste your money!

  26. Lee says:

    Guys I have worked in the casino industry for many many years and can promise you this is a scam.

    Systems such as these have been going for years and are welcomed by Casinos. There are no guaranteed ways to win in a Casino whether real or online.

    Casinos win because the odds are in their favor simple as that.

    Please do not be fooled by quick ways to earn easy money if its to good to be true it probably is stay well away.

  27. Tom Wake says:

    Hi everyone, thank you for the cracking sleuth work.

    I’ve documented the trail of his many faces on the blog here:

  28. Farooq says:

    This guy also goes by the name of Dr. James Smith who has worked as head software engineer of Toronto Stock Exchange. I would stay away from this scam.

  29. Tom Wake says:

    Thanks Farooq – another great find.

  30. tokka says:

    i do honestly believe this is a huge scam, while you can make a few hundred i dont think its as easy as that to withdraw the money back into your account. I dont understand how he can be talking so much bulls**t and promising 100% risk free profit, im just glad i found this webpage before i invested any of my time or money! it is a very illaberate scheame wich can get the wrong people very upset with this so called doctor !

  31. bizi says:

    OMG all you guys have been bombarding this poor soul. he need to feed his family lol
    the odds of casino, u bet £1 on number 8 and you win £36 when there is only chance of number 8 to come is 1/37 so that means odds are in favour of casino giving them one extra chance to win apart from 35 other same goes with red black and 1st 12 etc etc because of zero. the guy who invented roulette committed suicide proves how evil this game is, i personally lost thousands of pounds in casinos in the name of fun and try to stay away from it, their is no skill involved and i personally know 3 guys who won more than £100,000 including one who won £250,000 in one night in london casino and he was smart enough to ask them to make a cheque and post to his house address in scotland but believe me he still doesnt have much win in roulette you should have luck like a satan where u can beat 36 chances of losing and one chance of winning.
    playing roulette is a big stupidity and if you believe in any bot who can make u money is even bigger stupidity. if you wanna gamble only game i would recommend is poker the texas because casino has no profit over if u win or lose.

    • Miko?aj says:

      Blaize Pascal who invented roulette died with extreme unction and words “May God never abandon me”. It doesn’t look like commiting suicide. About other thinks I agree.

  32. Richard says:

    This works probably 95% of the time, but it is that last 5% that wipes you out. And that 5% will come up sooner or later – even on the ‘practice’ mode. Much sooner on ‘real money’ mode, I wager! You are restricted by two things, your own bank limit and the maximum amount you are allowed to bet on each spin – in this case, £300. That means 15 spins before you hit the limit from a £1 starting bet That seems a lot and happens rarely, but it does happen. After that you can no longer double even if you want to and are restricted to £300 a spin. You start losing extremely serious money. To suggest starting with a bank of £45 is absurd. It represents just 10 single colour spins – which happens frequently even in practice mode. £45 will go in no time. You need to start with something like £3,000 – and be prepared to lose it!! Even in practice mode I had been doing very well for a long time. Then suddenly I hit a run of 20 – yes, 20 – reds. Had that been real money I would have lost £2000 in one hit starting just with a £1 bet. So that is how these websites promoting various casinos catch their punters. Sooner or later you will surely lose – and they will win and that is the reason for their existence. If you are lucky and manage to build up a big bank before you hit a long single colour run, you may eventually benefit but it is a big risk and there is always the impatient temptation to start playing with higher stakes which makes you so much more vulnerable.

  33. SSScorpio says:

    This is a SCAM — 100%! Stay away and save your money! Eventually, you will run out of money by doubling up when it hits the same colour repeatedly 7-8-9 times. He is likely to be connected to the casinos in some way and gets a commission. It cost me $300 to learn this lesson and I’ll give it to you for free. He should really be **** and ****** ** for scamming people. Unfortuantely, there is always a small portion of the human race that includes **** ******* ****** ****** bags like this so called doctor.

  34. Waldo says:

    Yep, I can see how it works. The play for free the random number is set to work exactly according to your 5 step plan, where it never comes up with more than 7 of the same color. So you will always win. However play for real money is completely different with the same color coming up 13 times and almost never as your 5 step plan.

    You are and evil ******* just getting people to play on your sites and ripping them off.

    • John Winterbottom says:

      Dont Use this method !
      It is not a scam as such, but it just will not work.
      I set up 3 casino accounts and after making modest initial profit lost almost all of the initial deposits because of incredibly long runs of one colour , you can regularly get 14 reds !
      If you were to double up after 5 repetitions that would be a bet of £512 !! and the most likely outcome is you would then see a zero and lose it.
      I invested what I could afford to lose but be warned YOU WILL NOT WIN long term.
      Its also not easy to withdraw funds from these casinos.
      You can deposit instantly by card, but to withdraw you need to send ID proofs.
      They also state that funds withdrawn may not be in the same currency that was deposited !!
      Dont do it .
      In my opinion Dr hardy gets a kickback for all new members.

  35. Jakes says:

    Today, I wish I researched this @#$%^ earlier. When you are a little short on cash, you sometimes try different ways of making a quick few cents but not by following this dude’s advice. I played at two of these casinos with a skeptical $100. I lost $50 at the one and made $50 at another. I therefore only lost $50 in total but it is like many of you said, you deposit money directly via your credit card but then they promise you a paper cheque when you withdraw. It is almost 3 weeks later now and still no cheque, the casino also does not answer my emails or calls. I of course have always been extremely careful with hoaxes but this one sure got me!

  36. Irate internet user says:

    I am so sick of the spamming SOBs that are offering get rich quick schemes. I would like to find this PJ Hardy and tell him what a ********* he is!

  37. After having read all of the reports on this site, Microsoft should’ve looked into this fake website “AUWEALTH GENERATION” before they were even allowed to advertise it for computer users to try on because no one likes being deceived and getting ripped off after they start depositing their hard earned money. It’s no wonder they hid their identity over in the States so that they can’t get a bad reputation for ripping people off. All I can say is, I’m glad I checked it out before I plunged into it. In the SPAM REPORT, they have a good rating of only 80% which I believe should’ve been at least 99.9%. So the other 20% must indicates that it’s still risky.

  38. Tim Smith says:

    He now calls himself Dr. William F Harvey bsc Phd scamster

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