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Published on August 25th, 2009 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Passport to Wealth

Passport to wealth reviewReview by Charlie Wright

It’s not hard to find information on this MLM. Just go to Google and type in “Passport to Wealth is a scam”…

Hey presto, you’ll get loads of seemingly ANTI-passport to wealth posts….promising the lowdown on what’s really going on…

Except when you click on them you’ll discover they are PRO-Passport to Wealth posts. Like ALL the others.

The web is so full of people involved in this opp that they’ve created a thick, snowy blanket of approval. It covers every black tree stump of negativity. Every green shoot of reality lies frozen beneath the icy whitewash.

According to the hype, Passport to Wealth is ‘the most lucrative and dynamic home business available today achieving high levels of income and financial freedom with the most powerful turnkey system on the internet’.

And yes, Passport to Wealth is a legitimate business.

The idea is that you sell a bunch of American information products using websites they provide for you. You pay a monthly membership for downloads, marketing tools, and resale rights products.

The way you make money is by getting people to sign up. You pass up your first two to your sponsor and then for every sale after that you get the £500 from each newcomer.

The big problem is, you need a lot of people on your list, and a good marketing set-up already to make a lot of money. And the real money is made by people who get in early with big lists.

As I say, it’s hard to know for sure if Passport to Wealth is that good or not, because the web is filled with people who are cheerleaders for it.

However, to give you a rare glimmer of insight, here’s a story as related to me by one of my Biz Opp Junglers…

“I joined over 12 months ago after paying this guy in Sale Cheshire over £560 up front with his promise that he would help me all the way in setting it all up and running smoothly.

What an absolute shambles, he advised me to join in a promotional service costing even more money, then another advertising team to help promote the programme all in all that was over $85 per month being deducted from my UK bank account.

To top it all he gave me a Tel No to contact my US sponsor to help me set it all up – she eventually lost her rag and said ‘just read and follow the instructions’.”

In the end I decided to finish with them and stop all the payments, by the way they state that there are NO REFUNDS for this programme, so I contacted my bank to stop payments but they said I had to contact the company involved to stop payments.

That’s virtually an impossibility – no response in over 3 months and they were still deducting payments from my bank account, in the end I decided the only way was to have the bank issue me with a different credit card.”

This of course could be just one bad experience from someone with a really terrible sponsor.

But beware that if you don’t get all the support you need – and are promised – you won’t get a refund.

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