Forex & Trading Payback Trader - Jason Alexander - Review

Published on May 29th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Payback Trader – Jason Alexander

Payback Trader - Jason Alexander - ReviewDoes Payback Trader live up to the hype?

Right, it’s about time I did a write up on Payback Trader, the second Forex trading strategy from Jason Alexander.

Forex Payback is one of those services that gets consistently good feedback. Jason Alexander is an extremely popular teacher and he literally received pages and pages worth of testimonials for his debut service Forex Hijacker (I’ve seen them, it’s very impressive) which is also published and guaranteed by Canonbury Publishing.

With Payback Trader Jason’s taken on board a lot of the ‘wish list’ features newbie and professional traders have asked for. If you’re new to trading don’t worry, he takes you through all this, but for initiated he’s made it much easier to pin point trades – i.e. when to get in and when to get out.

That’s the first thing…

The second thing (and this will be a big plus for many Insider’s Edge readers if my emails are anything to go by) is that following his daily alert service you can trade at pretty user friendly times. There are usually opportunities in the morning before work and then again at early afternoon.

There are a couple of ways to approach Payback Trader. Because it’s a ‘teach you how to fish’ service you could read the manual, use Jason’s support and start spotting signals and trading opportunities yourself. Alternatively, if you can’t be fussed with all the technical business you can let Jason do the grunt work for you.

He sends out daily email alerts as I said which do all the research for you. You also get a weekly analysis email (with is an onscreen video) which looks at what happened over the week and is a great way of looking over everything and learning new tricks.

As with any trading strategy some people will take to it right away, others will take a little longer or won’t find it right for them. What makes Jason Alexander’s Payback Trader really stand out (aside from the impressive profits many of his members are making) is he dedication and support. He wants his members to succeed and is constantly thinking of new ways to help them. Recently he set up a member’s only Twitter for his more avid traders who want to keep abreast of daily activity.

This is really is a well run service and if you’re interested in trading Forex I’d recommend giving this one a go. Payback Trader is covered by Canonbury Publishing’s watertight 30 day guarantee.

Highly Recommended.

Jason doesn’t often open up new spaces on this one but if there are any available you can get a risk-free trial space here:

Payback Trader


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