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Published on July 25th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Profit Maximiser – Mike Cruickshank

Review: Profit Maximiser – Mike Cruickshank Tom Wake
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Brilliant. The perfect follow-up to BB

Can Profit Maximiser live up to the dizzy heights of Mike Cruickshank’s flagship Bonus Bagging service?

Mike Cruickshank has just launched a new product called Profit Maximiser which you can see here.

If the name Mike Cruickshank rings a bell it’ll be from his service Bonus Bagging,  a firm Insider’s Edge favourite and without doubt the most popular product I’ve ever reviewed.

I’m not just talking about the sheer volume of positive emails and feedback that I’ve received from happy members either – both myself and my partner Sophie used it with great success and the money we made following Mike’s simple programme even paid for our 3 week holiday to Burma last year.

The million dollar question is how does Profit Maximiser match up?

So many sequels turn out to be a huge letdown, so it was with some trepidation I signed up to this.

The good news is having used Profit Maximiser for just over a week we’re already in profit (that includes covering the modest cost of the course). I have no doubt this service will prove to be even more profitable.

Like Bonus Bagging if you follow the simple step-by-step instructions, it’s completely risk-free. It also uses completely different offers to Bonus Bagging so if you’ve already made money on that you’re going to get involved in this. It’s all fresh profit.

Review Profit Maximiser Mike Cruickshank

How Profit Maximiser works and what’s involved

Mike shows you how to bank online incentive offers of £25, £50… £100 (sometimes more, or slightly less depending on the offer) from bookmakers, casinos, spread betting companies and more.

You don’t need to understand betting at all for this – it’s simply a case of following some simple instrutions parrot fashion.

If you’re already familiar with Bonus Bagging you’ll find this extremely straightforward. With Profit Maximiser it’s even easier in several ways and you’ll see he’s put an incredible amount of work in to make it as simple as possible.

As well as step-by-step instructions Mike also provides mini video guides showing you how to bag each of the individual bonuses. This is a fantastic development which I absolutely love – it takes away any of the doubt that you’re doing something wrong or clicking on the wrong thing.

I just mentioned that Profit Maximiser includes bookie bonuses and if you’ve already used Bonus Bagging you might be worrying that there’s some overlap here but there isn’t. Just to reiterate, the bonuses in Profit Maximiser are all completely fresh.

There’s also now a brand new forum which is a private member’s only Facebook group that you’re invited to join when you sign up. Once Mike has accepted your request (it only took an hour for me but he promises to have on you on there within 24 hours) you have access to an Aladdin’s cave of tips and information.

Not only can you ask questions and check out the latest risk-free opportunities you can also ask Mike for help on specific bonuses – or check to see if your question has already been answered, either by Mike or other Profit Maximiser members..

You instantly become part of a thriving community where other users share their experiences. I’ve only been on this service a week and find this very motivating.

This is another superb development and one which really takes things to the next level. A lot of people didn’t think Bonus Bagging could be improved – I have no hesitation in saying that I’m finding Profit Maximiser is even better.

Here’s some feedback from members

Mike actually had to close the doors to new members just 10 days after he launched because the uptake on this was so overwhelming. He’s always been strict on providing the best possible customer support.

I’m sure people will add their thoughts in the comments section below but here are some reports from members:

“That’s me finished my P.M. activity for August – final profit £3585.01… I would just like to thank Mike for setting up this fantastic service and also all the many wonderful people on here who contribute so much and are only too willing to help others”. – Steve A

“… his first product Bonus Bagging had made me over £1000 with fantastic support, So I joined up just over a month ago and he’s done it again, it has made me over £1200 so far, £400 being from just one offer, I would Highly recommend it, Thanks Mike” – Catherine Ellis

“My profit for month one in Profit Maximising alone is set to break £2000 and a flatscreen TV (if it ever arrives). This is perhaps the best place on the internet to make easy money in your spare time!” – Andrew N

“I can do it whenever I have free time… the offers don’t take more than 15 minutes each. And I won £80 in 5 minutes RISK FREE!” – Nikki W

“August was my first month on the PM system and have had some very pleasing results… I have only done one bingo offer, haven’t touched the spread betting or accumulator bet offers. So after the cost of the systems, I’m still on the way to £1100 clear profit. Cheers Mike, if we ever cross paths I owe you a pint”. – Chris H

“I have never written a testimonial before because I have never found anything that warranted one until now. Profit Maximiser is an absolute gem. Very highly recommended.” – Gus Ray

“Bonus Bagging was very good… Profit Maximiser is even better. Mike provides his usual excellent service but this time there’s also assistance from all the other members on the forum. With a whole range of new offers coming on line daily everyone is making money.” – Tim Cormack

Are there any downsides?

Because Mike shows you how to claim bonuses completely risk-free I can honestly say that I cannot find any downsides to this service. You do need to take the time to follow the instructions through each time obviously, it’s not magic.

There are also a few bonus offers which have a small chance of not making money but he very clearly marks these and explains the risk. You could avoid these altogether or only take them on using your profits.

One thing I would say is that if think you might be prone to going ‘off piste’ and placing your own bets with any of these offers – then this might not be for you. These companies have sites designed to get you spend more money with them so you need the willpower to stick to the programme. For 99% of users this won’t be a problem but it’s important to stay in control – this is about making risk-free profits.

Right now Mike’s offering a pre-launch discount which gives new members 30% off – but only if you’re quick!

There’s a bit of urgency attached to this, as this discount will close after the official launch.

This service gets a full thumbs up from me I highly recommend securing a space on this before the price goes up (or he has to close the doors to new members again).

You can start your 30 day risk-free trial here

Yet more feedback from members coming in…

Ok, I’m actually running out of space to put in all the testimonials that keep coming in for this.

Here are a few more:

“Thanks to Profit Maximiser, my total betting profit for the month has exceeded £1000 for the first time. Thanks ever so much to Mike and to all you wonderful PM members. This experience has not only been profitable, but also very enjoyable. Long may it continue! I haven’t even done the bookie sign-up bonuses on the PM site yet and I’m still making over £1000 a month”. – Christopher B

“I’ve won another £100 again today and really can’t see the winnings slowing down!” – Richard H

“This is without a doubt the best thing I’ve done. I have given up working 70 hrs a week and can earn the same, often more by using this. It has bought me time, the most important commodity” – Jacky S

“I made my first ever profit from Bonus Bagging and I’ve made even more with Profit Maximiser” – Robert Watson

Here’s that link again: Profit Maximiser

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