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Published on November 23rd, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Property Power

“.net” and “.com”

There are two Property Powers. This may cause you some confusion. Hopefully I can help clear it up.

One Property power is a “.net” and offer free seminars around the country. The idea is that you go along. They tell you how easy it is to make money from property. And then they up-sell you to their expensive property course.

Nothing new. The usual story, right?

There is ANOTHER company called Property Power. These guys have the ending “.com”. The expert involved – Gary McCausland – is well known. He’s been in the press. He’s endorsed on TV (he actually works and presents for the Five channel) and has a free e-letter.

This site doesn’t make any big unrealistic promises. And ‘Property Power’ is THEIR trademark.

So while I think you’ve nothing to lose by going and meeting the “.nets” I’m not sure about them. The “.com” version of Property Power seems far more credible. Personally, I’d avoid property investing in the current climate. But if I were to go to a seminar, I’d personally go to that instead.

Okay, so you have to pay for McCausland’s seminar. But the alternative free seminar will only try and sell you into something far more expensive.

I suspect that the other guys have snapped up the lesser “.net” url in an attempt to ride on the back of the established Property Power.

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