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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Race 2 Profit – John Hamer

Review: Race 2 Profit – John Hamer Tom Wake
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John Hamer has  launched his 2 minute ‘bet and forget’ tipping service ‘Race 2 Profit’. The key appeal with this service is that it’s extremely simple and quick to use. But does it live up to its claims?

Race 2 Profit is a new service from John Hamer and published by Canonbury Publishing. Even though it only launched in September last year, the live results have been proofed since May 2012.

I’ve been given full access to all the beta tester results (and have been enrolled on the service so that I can give you rolling updates).

You can find out more about the service here.

The first thing I should say is that this really is something that anyone can do. You don’t need to know a thing about horse racing to do this. You’re sent a selection, you place it online on Betfair and 2 minutes later you’re done. There’s no checking form or fussing about with getting the right odds.

You may have come across John Hamer from his Pegasus Racing Club service. Pegasus is his long running dutching service and has received some incredible testimonials to date (some people really have made a huge amount of money following the selections). The problem is for many folk it was also quite a scary service to follow…

Race 2 Profit Review

One of the key benefits is that it genuinely takes a few minutes a day to use

The staking plan was such that you had to keep increasing your stake following a losing selection until a winner was found which could result in some hair-raising bets. This definitely wasn’t for some people (including me) and being a bit of a cautious Colin I preferred to stick to betting services which ran on ‘level stakes’ (meaning, in simple terms, that you effectively bet the same thing every time). That way you have a much better sense of your bank and what you stand to win or lose each day.

Race2Profit is a much MUCH lower risk strategy and though the headline profits aren’t quite as dazzling as something like Pegasus Racing Club, the risk aspect is fantastic and I’ve always felt comfortable placing selections.

Here’s how it works

The format is very straightforward. There are no premium rate lines to call, it’s all email and website based. Each morning John and his racing partner John (yes they both have the same first name, confusingly) send you the day’s selections.

You then log into Betfair and place the bet.

I personally find the easiest way to do this is simply to ‘copy and paste’ the name of the horse into the search box in Betfair and wait for it to bring up the race. Then you can click on the race, click on ‘bet’ for the horse and enter your stake.

You’re always advised to place your bet at something called ‘Betair SP’. In truth you don’t have to understand what it means (it’s literally just a check box that you have to tick) but in case you’re wondering, Betfair SP stands for Betfair Start Price and simply means what the odds will be at the start of the race. That way you don’t have to worry about whether odds go up or down over time, you always get the odds that are fixed at the start of the race.

And that’s it! That really is all there is to it. This is genuinely a 2 minute system.

If for some reason you haven’t received the daily email – if your spam filter is being overzealous for example – you can log into the member website and view the selection(s) there.

The vast majority of the time there is just ONE selection a day (and at the time of writing the last 10 Race 2 Profit emails have all contained just one selection). However occasionally, if for example there’s a big event on, they’ll be 2, 3 or 4 horses. No bet days are pretty rare but occur from time to time.

What is the profit potential on this one?

There are two ways to use this service. You can bet using ‘level stakes’, meaning that you place the same bet on every horse. So for example you might decide to bet £5 or £10 each time.

Betting in this way you would have made a 475% profit since May 2012 [at time of writing – 12/10/2013]. Obviously it’s not ‘quit your job’ type stuff but remember this is using a low risk approach and it takes just 2 minutes a day – so it’s a pretty amazing return to date.

The figures get considerably more impressive if you decide to bet to ‘variable stakes’. This is where you bet more on a horse according to John’s rating. So he might say that he would recommend putting 3 points on a horse on a given day. If you were betting at £10 point you would simply bet £30 on that selection. The difference is that with ‘level stakes’ you would have only ever bet the straight £10, not altering it according to whether or not he rated it as a strong selection or not.

I hope that makes sense. The results betting to ‘variable stakes’ are strong – you can see them in detail here. If you combined this with compounding (which is where you increase your stakes proportionately as your winnings increase) you could have turned a £100 starting bank into £2,078.94 in just 6 months. To give you an idea, to begin with you’d be betting at £1 a point and as your bank increases you’d be betting £20 a point when your bank hit the £2,000 mark.

How much would you have to bet per day on average using the more profitable ‘variable stakes’ approach?

Using the variables stakes system you tend to bet between 4 – 12 points a day on average. So if you were betting at £1 a point that would be £4 – £12 a day… and at £2 that would be £8 – £22 and so on. If you’re using level stakes obviously it’s fixed at the same amount per selection.

The beta testers have had some extremely positive things to say about Race2Profit including:

“I made a four figure profit in just two months, overall!” Mark Davis

“I couldn’t be happier… Even though I have only been using small stakes, in the three months that I have been using the service, I have almost trebled my starting capital” Dave C

“It is the simplest, most user friendly service I have come across” DG

“… very thorough and informative ;-). And a nice profit was returned, hoorah!” SK

“As a professional betting system reviewer I can safely say this service is at the top end of the spectrum.” Peter G

Update – 2 tricky months, but still well in profit

Just to give you a quick update, Race2Profit had an excellent September, an excellent October and then a terrible November. December and January came out just about in profit.

It’s always tricky with tipping services because inevitability there will be bad months – which understandably put some shorter time followers off (particularly those who join on a disappointing month). It’s important to point out that no tipster can get it right all the time, because there are external factors that they simply can’t predict.

With any tipping service it’s important to take the performance over the longer term (and make sure you’re comfortable with taking the rough patches with the smooth). In Race2Profit’s case the long term record is still impressive.

Since September (launch) the service is up 185 points which isn’t to be sniffed at. If you were betting at £10 per point you’d be £1,850 in profit.

I’ll keep you updated with the performance! 

You can find out more info here.

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