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Published on January 10th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Ultimate Kindle Profit Programme – Richard Bullivant

Review: Ultimate Kindle Profit Programme – Richard Bullivant Tom Wake
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How to profit from the Amazon Kindle WITHOUT being a prize winning author… or possessing any techie know how

I’ve already given you some pointers on how to profit from Kindle the craze here on Insider’s Edge (you can see some of these tips here if you missed them).

However, if you’re really serious about this and want to find a simple way to make money Kindle book publishing, I’d highly recommend taking a look at this step-by-step programme from Richard Bullivant.

It’s an extremely user-friendly, easy to follow and indepth course on the Kindle and you can see it here:

Richard Bullivant’s Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme

I’m a huge fan of this guy’s work. Richard is a REAL home entrepreneur and has come up with some quite ingenious ways of making money from home in the past.

With the Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme Richard takes you through the whole process of creating short, hot-selling Kindle books. He estimates that by setting up a string of these books you can make a passive income of between £12,000 – £24,000 a year.

It’s a passive income because everything is digital. Amazon provide the marketplace and take care of delivery and fulfillment. That means that once you’ve put your book up there any revenue you get from sales is automated. You get a commission directly from Amazon.

Richard isn’t just a teacher, he makes a serious income using the techniques he shares in his course. If you follow all the steps I think his £12,000 – £24,0000 earnings estimate is a fair projection – but frankly even at the lower estimate of £12,000 a year I think this programme represents great value.

Review Richard Bullivant Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme

There’s a lot of money to be made selling books for Kindle

Is the Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme for you?

If you can set aside 3 hours a week and have access to a PC with an Internet connection there really is very little to stop you doing this. I found the onscreen video tutorials extremely helpful as they take you through the process in a straightforward way.

One thing I would say is that you probably would need English as your first language for this one. While you don’t need to be a writer by any stretch to profit from this it does help if you’ve got a decent grasp of written English.

By the way, if Mr Bullivant’s name sounds familiar it’s because you may have come across him before. His first product, VHS Cashpoint got rave reviews – there are literally dozens and dozens of them online. People love his honest, down to earth approach and he takes support very seriously. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

“…. simple and straight forward to set up and follow. Richards’ email support and advise is excellent. As an easy home-based business, the VHS Cash Machine is very “do-able”, interesting and enjoyable.” David Smith

“… I can fully recommend this service. The fee invested will be returned in no time. Honest man, honest program, simple have a go.  Jim Moran

” Excellent home based business, well written and followed up with current, relevant information.” Pamela Rees

The Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme is well thought out and well presented. Richard’s personally makes a great income producing Kindle books (and he’s no professional author by his own admission) and he holds nothing back in showing you how to do the same.

I love the short, bite size videos which show you the theory, the practice and then exactly how it’s done onscreen with a clear jargon free narration.

His support is also fantastic. That’s the reason why I have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s course.

Not only does he use this strategy to make a hands free income himself, he shares the information helping others do the same in a straightforward, digestible way with first class support and simple instructions.

If you want a shortcut to making money from Kindle from a great teacher, with a cracking track record then take a look at this:

Richard Bullivant’s Ultimate Kindle Profits Programme

Highly Recommended

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