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Published on February 14th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Roulette Bot Plus

roulette bot plus reviewI was intrigued to hear about ‘Roulette Bot Plus’ from Insider’s Edge reader, George. I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear about a new ‘bot’ or automated system arriving on the market my eyes light up for a nanosecond…

The idea behind a robot automatically placing the perfect trade, bet or gamble for you online is extremely appealing.

Just think, no more monitoring computers screens or doing complex research. A simple sit down and put your feet up system where the profits roll in on autopilot.

Sounds great…

The problem is 99% of the time they either don’t work, or worse still, they weren’t ever designed to work. There’s been a spate of so-called automated casino bots cropping up claiming to be able to decode certain casino’s ‘random number generators’, to accurately predict payouts… all sorts of wonderful credible, scientific sounding stuff.

Roulette Bot Plus is presented as another one of those win win systems. They offer you, for free, a piece of software which will apparently do all the hard work for you. They even point you towards a set of professional looking YouTube videos showing you how to get onto their chosen casinos and use it.

No upfront payment is required, all they want is a PayPal donation if all goes well. Sounds perfect…

Except it’s an all too familiar story (see my review of Online Wealth Generation here).

It’s such a clever sell that if you’re not on your guard it can be hard to see a downside, or any kind of angle on their part. The makers of ‘Roulette Bot Plus’ claim that their system is “risk free without any commitments to you” and the “Want to make $1000 today?” headline is eye-catching to say the least.

So what’s the catch?

Well, the first thing your asked to do download they’re automated bot software.

Let’s think about that for a moment…

An organisation you’ve never heard of, with no visible contact details or registered address, offer you a free piece of casino scalping software. They can have all the fancy logos, testimonials and Facebook likes in the world but ultimately it is a perfect stranger asking you to download a piece of software onto your computer… which could have been created by anyone for any purpose.

If you haven’t already, take a look at How to avoid online casino scams for an explanation of why they might want you to download a seemingly innocent sounding piece of software.

Video testimonials can be bought 10 a penny from actors on online freelance sites like elance and Fiverr and Paypal donations can be easily forged. Certain online marketers are getting cleverer and cleverer at looking the part. If you don’t know the publishing company, person or organisation behind a system, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking at a scam – but it does mean you have to be extremely sceptical.

Here’s what a couple of disgruntled ‘Roulette Bot Plus’ users had to say on their Facebook page:

“…pls help me out…i have lost a lot of money to this software…pls tell me what settings you used ad help me out man…pls…”

“Scam!!!.. It seems to go really well at the beginning.. then out of noting the bot will keep up raising (all in) and then all your money is gone in 7 seconds….”

I’ll leave you with this quote from their terms and conditions page:


And here’s the telling bit…

“Roulette Bot Plus further does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials.”

Not recommended.

For more independent reviews (including a number of proven systems and strategies that do work) please click here.

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103 Responses to Review: Roulette Bot Plus

  1. simon says:

    This is the exact post i left on the roulette bot plus facebook page on 25/03/12. Today 26/03/12 it has disappeared and i am unable to leave comments. That’s strange and very suspicious. Make your own mind up whether its a scam or not!!!!!

    Hello, I found this today and thought it might answer the ‘scam’ question. I don’t know if it’s legit, but it doesn’t seem to me to sound like a scammer answering. The answer is written by a lady called FranL, she is a criminal fraud lawyer in the states. I just thought that it might be information worth passing on. The site it came from is called a site where you can ask lawyers questions. Take a look for yourself and make your own mind up.

    Customer Question
    Casino bot scam-Roulette Bot Plus- is it a scam?

    Already Tried:
    Reading up on google
    Submitted: 49 days and 13 hours ago.
    Category: Fraud Examiner
    Value: AU$20
    Status: CLOSED
    Accepted Answer

    Expert: FranL replied 49 days and 2 hours ago.

    It is not a scam, at least in the sense that it is free, and though they ask for a donation, it is optional. It’s a scam in that while a system may increase your odds of success, no system has always beaten the house, and this one doesn’t either. People who have downloaded it and commented on the web either are thrilled because they made some money the first day, or they think it’s a waste of money because their first experience was a loss. So they sound like all other gamblers when discussing a particular system.

    If you download it you will find that it is designed to work only with some casinos and not others. No reason not to give it a try on some of the simulated gambling sites where you can test it without losing (or winning) money.
    Expert Type Criminal attorney
    Pos. Feedback: 100.0 %
    Accepts: 484
    Answered: 2/5/2012
    Experience: 18+ years experience in criminal fraud matters
    .Ask this Expert a Question >

    I am completely new to online gaming. I have ‘never’ played roulette, online or otherwise. It was only when I received an offer to download the ‘Roulette Bot Plus’ software free that I decided to take a look. I played swiss casino with a ‘virtual’ a/c with £2000 in it. I don’t plan on giving my hard earned cash away to just any old any tom, dick or harry just yet. So, ‘virtual’ it stays until I’ve decided otherwise.

    I have read around the roulette subject and I’ve read numerous posts on numerous forums. Most of what I read suggests a house advantage over the long term. That there are plenty of scams out there and that even the reviews are fake and sometimes even the software. I am no fake. I have nothing to gain by passing on my results so far. I also want to pass on a couple of rules I formulated for myself for the purpose of this particular activity.

    No1. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO PLAY. DO NOT PLAY. Online gaming may make some people a lot of money but it can also lose you a lot of money. You must be prepared to lose the lot.
    No2. BE DISCIPLINED. We all have the greedy money monster inside of us, and I’m no stranger to it like everybody else. Greed is an emotion. Recognise it and dismiss it at your peril.
    No3. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU ARE DESPERATE FOR CASH. Online roulette will not solve your financial problems. Sort these out first and then play.
    No4. PLAY WITH THE SMALLEST BET SIZE. For me that was £1. Do not be greedy and be lured by £££ or $$$ signs.
    No6. PLAY ONCE A DAY ONLY. This is automatically timed out by the ‘bot’ after 23mins.

    Now, these are my rules. I don’t expect them to ‘work’ for anyone else at anytime.

    I have 15 days worth of results. This is an ongoing process and I hope to have more results in another 15 days.
    Day 1 Start bal. £2000 End bal. £2094 +£94
    Day 2 £2094 £2203 +109
    Day 3 £2203 £2293 +£90
    Day 4 £2293 £2401 +£108
    Day 5 £2401 £2488 +£87
    Day 6 £2488 £2325 -£163
    Day 7 £2325 £2426 +£101
    Day 8 £2426 £2533 +£107
    Day 9 £2533 £2632 +£99
    Day 10 £2632 £2714 +£82
    Day 11 £2714 £2566 -£148
    Day 12 £2566 £2666 +£100
    Day 13 £2666 £2779 +£113
    Day 14 £2779 £2895 +£116
    Day 15 £2895 Tomorrow (26/03/12)

    Please note that on Day 4 I had a stonking £474 single biggest loss. Even if I had had a £500 real a/c this was really close to wipe out, it did recover and was actually +£108 on the day. Also, Day 6 £507 single biggest loss, didn’t recover and took a £-163 loss on the day, Day 7 £357 single biggest loss but recovered and was +£101 on the day, Day 8 single biggest loss £514 but recovered to +£107 on the day, Day 11 single biggest loss £544 didn’t recover loss on the day £-148.
    These are my results. You can see that you can take big losses but the a/c does recover on most occasions. Please note, this is easy, this isn’t real money. I hope this helpful. Nobody else seems to want to give legit info. This is it.

    Finally and fortunately i found this site (insidersedge) and have decided to keep my hard earned cash in my pocket. For what its worth i think this is a scam. DONT DO IT. Peolple like this should be locked up.

    • john says:

      Sorry guys it’s a scam, look at all the casinos that it tells you to use the software at, you will find that in practice mode you can bet up to £300, then go to real play and the maximum is £25 this means if the bot loses and has to put say £30 to recoup losses it can’t because it’s over the max, i feel this bot has been made by the same company that owns all these casinos, this way they can give the software away knowing that in practice mode you do well but in real mode you cannot bet enough to recoup your losses.


    • Mick says:

      Hello I have only found your web site today,it is great work you all do…
      I have read it being asked, How can these people practically give away their “Roulette Bot Plus” and similar gaming software for next to nothing and still make a living ?…Glad you asked.
      These Product lines like “Dr Peter James Hardy and Online Wealth Generation” “Roulette Bot Plus” have an agreement – affiliation with the casinos, bookies and others where they get paid by the casino when you use their software in these gaming sites. They will say how their unique decoding software works exclusively with the casinos that are present in the selection list, How each and every one of these casinos are absolutely trustworthy, And that Only casinos with valid licenses and secure encryption are listed., telling you how you need to use their software with these exclusive casinos they give you in the selection .. Why?
      Because in the software is a unique identifying code embedded letting the casinos know who the software manufacture is,this enables the gaming site that we visit to identify and pay the manufacture / distribute a commission for every individual that plays on the gaming site.
      Basically the more people they distribute their software to that gets use it in the or at the casino, the more commission is made by the distributor. This is why we are told to use ONLY the Casino’s they tested and recommend, or i should say affiliated with so that they can keep get payed.
      And these Software do not decode the casino’s “random number generators”.

    • Craig says:

      Its a scam.Played for 3 weeks.Increased my 100,given 150 bonus. So,started on 250. Got to 2300 and tried to withdraw 500. Told had to wait 4 days initially. Then next day told i could not withdraw untill i had played 5000 on other games. Part of the bonus 150 amount. Roulette not considered a free game. So i decided to play slots.Had a good win and continued to bet so i could cover the 5000 bets required to withdraw. Ended up at 4731 at end of night. Contacted them to get confirmation that i had met the conditions of the bonus. Made requst for withdrawel of 1500. Next time i logged in ,balance was back to original 100.AskedwhyThey stuff you around and take you out fast….. I was convinced it could work.Played for 3 weeeks ,5 casinos ,small hits of 15/20, but ita all a scam. Thanks for reading ,BECAREFUL ALL,regards Craig

      • ben says:

        i’ve been reading everyones comments very carefully and i think people are getting confused as to which part of the offer is a scam!!! the site promotion guarantees 600 dollars a day in winnings, theres the hook. if this was true why bother going to work. also gambling itself is a scam, if everyone won there would be no casino’s. the system may produce winnings and if you are already a gambler and like to bet then it may not be a bad way to make bets, but if your not willing to lose money, dont be fooled by the hook, ie the 600 dollars a day. some people enjoy the thrill of gambling and can make a living from it, but its unfortunate that these site offers seem to target people who may be looking for a way out of debt, this is not the answer. they should be taken to court for false advertising , with companies like these its no wonder the state of our economy is declining.

      • Ryu says:

        dude, those bonuses are another type of scam. you think they are helping you giving a bonus to you, but actually they are blocking your withdrawal attempts until you complete the wagering requirements.. (which is 99% unlikely) whatever.
        however , i didn’t got it. after all , they didn’t payed you??

    • TDR says:

      This is a scam. This bot uses a method called the ‘Martingale’ system.

      It is nothing to do with random numbers. You might win at first but eventually you WILL LOSE EVERYTHING.


      • Ryu says:

        i know that this bot is using the martingale system which is NOT A SCAM!
        i’ve studied the martingale system (where you’re keep increasing your previous bet in the same place: color,even,1-18, number.. it doesn’t matter on what) for months…
        on short-term plan you make lots of money, but if you don’t withdraw your proffit daily, you’ll gonna loose all your money on long-term.
        i don’t think that this bot is a scam because the martingale method is not a scam.
        maybe this bot was made to be a scam BUT IT’S NOT A SCAM!
        if i’d start playing from 20 euros with the bot, i’d make about 100 euros in 2-3 hours(?!), then i’ll withdraw the proffit (which is 80 euros), then i’ll start again from 20 euros.. you will win about 400 euros in 5 days and you’ll probably loose just 1-2 times in 5 days (which means 20-40 euros..)
        so, if you’re smart enough you can use this “scam” to make lots of money. this martingale system is not a scam, but on long-term you’ll gonna loose all your bankroll!
        i won win the martingale system 1000 euros in 3 weeks and i lost just by 3 times (about 150 euros). it is very proffitable with or without bot, if you’re withdrawing the proffit every day!
        what do i think about this bot? i think that he is calculating much faster than me! lol which means that i can make money much faster!!
        i’ll gonna use this bot since i know the martingale system like on my (future) child. lol (i’m joking..) i know how martingale system works.. if you’re stupid to play with the same money for more days or even for weeks/months without withdrawing your proffit every day, then you’ll gonna loose everything! but if you loose just 20 euros at 4-5 days and win 400-500 euros, what’s the problem then? 🙂 you’ll gonna cry for those 20 euros when you won 500? 🙂
        they can scam you only if they(the casinos) refuse to pay!

        • Darwinianman says:

          I think that you are right. If your balance is big enough it recovers losses. And you can stop it playing when you see very large bets being placed.
          I can do the same thing manually, but I tend to try and outguess the wheel and don’t like large bets so I don’t do as well as quickly as the bot. Don’t take the offered bonuses which stop you making withdrawals. Take a little profit when you have it and keep a large enough balance to play with but you CAN LOSE IT ALL if you don’t stop it playing when it is making very large bets.

    • Simon says:

      I tried roulettebot and its is very misleading i have been givena 20 dollar bonus. after winning a few hundred dollars it now is notr letting me take the money out because i have not met wager requirments.
      When i tried to speak to customer support they could not give me a direct answer to this question, if i put 20 dollars down and then got a 20 dollar bonus, what do i need to do to be able to withdrawl my money after playing the girl who i spoke to was trying to offer me another bonus, then when i asked her these factual questions she said im sorry i dont want to give you the wrong information then ended the chat very sharpish.

      So basically they are offering you bonuses and selling you the dream but cant even be straight with you in giving you the facts.

      I smell a rat with these casino companies if you cant get a answer and they turn the chat off instantly this shows they have something to hide.

      Im lucky i only put down a small amount of money to begin with,

      People stay well away from Roulette bot

  2. Tom Wake says:

    Simon, thanks for your comment.

    I see you keep trying to repost the same thing on a different review page (Online Wealth Generation) which is puzzling. I’m afraid if this keeps happening I’m going to have to assume you are a robot and delete the above.

  3. simon says:

    im no robot. I put the post on this page after i realised there seemed to be more hits/posts on the other page. thats the reason it appears more than once.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Simon. Ok, thanks. I just try and keep the comments on the right threads to avoid confusion!

      I completely agree with you in thinking Roulette Bot Plus is a scam. Can I just ask why you came to that conclusion bearing in mind the results you’ve posted which apparently show a profit over the 14 days?

      Is it based on the fact you were betting on virtual similuation rather than with real money? I’ve heard reports from several people who won big in simulation mode but then lost everything as soon as they put down real money.

  4. Viv says:

    Well I’m using real money and put in $60 from bank account and in just 16 minutes it has increased to $117 Im not even lying

  5. Jack says:

    Great post Tom. Guys, this is a TOTAL SCAM. Save your money.

  6. Max Bolton says:

    Routlette Bot Plus doesn’t work, period.

    Viv are you being paid by these clowns? Perhaps best not to end your comment with “I’m not even lying”. It just confirms that you probably are.

  7. Rutzini says:

    How is it a scam? Casino’s offer you the chance to win big money – and this helps you. I read a ‘how to learn poker’ book once, is that a scam too? Whatever walk of life you are from, if you dont know the risks of gambling then dont do it. If you believe that you cant lose in betting then more fool you.

    Look up all the ‘how to win at horses/greyhounds/blackjack’ books/websites – are these cons? If they say its no risk then more foll you. But if you like a flutter then it helps.

    I agree that “it works” is a bad comment. “It helps” is better. BUT KNOW THE RISK – Jesus know the risk – it gambling!!! Like stocks n shares. Dont go crying if you wager your wages. Cant hack losing it? Save your money and buy your ma some flowers.

    Peace people, and good luck.

    • max says:

      its a scam because those books you read are making money from you buying the books and you know who wrote them. This is from someone no-one knows trying to over sell the product, if this was an amazing formula to gambling they wouldn’t just post it on the web for free.

  8. John says:

    The reason this sort of outfit give you a specific set of casinos to use is that they get commission when you register and deposit funds.

    They don’t care if you win or lose.

  9. Alan says:

    I gave it ago, never thought it would work. It waits for about seven spins ie 7 reds, or 7 odds then bets black or even etc and increases the bet until black or even comes up, problem is 20 or so consecutive somethings red, black. even, odd will occur at some point and when it does you lose all your money.

    I started with £25 it increased to £47 and was all gone within 8 minutes.

    Waste of time and money

  10. Dan says:

    I’ve been using the virtual version of this…in the virtual version it starts you off at 2grand. Don’t forget with real money you can’t go under zero, like you can go under the £2000 mark.
    I’m still going to use it….I’m just not going to be greedy.
    I’ll just withdraw the cash every time I double my money I start with and when I lose I LOSE AND STOP!!!!!!

    • Ryu says:

      it seems that only you know to use the martingale system (which is using this bot).
      if you’re withdrawing the cash every time you double your money, then you can even get really rich on long-term!

      the martingale system is not a scam, but you’ll gonna loose all your bankroll from time to time.
      if you’re starting all the time to play just from 20-40 units withdrowing the proffit all the time, you’ll gonna get rich!
      i am excited that was made a “bot” who’s using the method i studied for months!
      so far i used exactly the same method but not with the bot. i won 1000 euros in 3 weeks and lost just by 3 times all my bankroll ( which means 150 euros). this it means that i made 850 euro in 3 weeks without bot but with the same system!
      with this bot (who’s calculating & betting much faster than me) i’ll gonna make 850 euro proffit within 2 days!
      can’t wait to start it.. 😉

  11. Nick says:

    I downloaded this “Bot”, and so far – it has been very profitable. I was sceptical at first, having read some reviews but then realsised there is no Algo controlling it, it simply bets when certain patterns form. For example after Red comes up 7 times in a row it will bet on black and keep doubling until it either comes in or you lose all your money. This system just makes it easier to win as it is more probable that Red wont come out say 15 times in a row. The only problem with this si that if you ghet a bad run, then your bet size increases dramatically. Unfortunately, the more funds you have to start with, the more likely you are to win as your bet can be doubled more times. Not for the faint hearted. When you see the guys account on the videos he has $10,000 in there…for a reason! and he bets the smallest increments possible. Learn to shape the settings and dont be greedy – I would recommend not using the Default settings as the betting patterns will be too frequent.

    So far I have made £900 and have only used it for 1 day.

  12. Luke Cheetham says:

    You can also change the settings so it will bet less. Ive set it so when it gets to £31 it goes back to £1. It means i will lose but hopefully recuperate the loss in the long run. This bot does seem helpful but its just a shame it only offers its services to the casinos its getting commission from. I few days ago I was using a system where i was writing everything down. I won big with that system but then lost it all when trying to get to high stake because the casino takes your bonus if you withdraw. You have to start with a stake of 300+ of your own money I would say. Hopefully with this bot because it only plays for around 20 mins there will be a small profit to be made with the right settings.

  13. don't fall for it says:

    Don’t fall for it, the only person who wins at the end is the casino and their affiliates.

    I fell for it, the whole red and black routine, lost a lot of money from the surrounding lies and false hopes, then started looking at automation bots \ guides to try salvage some of that cash back. None of them work and none of them will ever work.

    They should be illegal and so should the false advertising, lies and bull**** affiliates who take part in this sort of thing – should have their fingers chopped off.

  14. ANDY says:


  15. ANDY says:

    again a reply to my post, started off with £600 today and i am now in profit with £1085. You need to start with a big bankroll to be good. £600 is low but wanted to try it. I would suggest £1000+ to start.
    I’m happy and now going for a beer with my winnings. Its a simple process, the bot is not needed, its for lazy people who cant be bothered to bet. MORFELL THEM!

    • Mick (taken) says:

      How much commission you on Andy. If we all were stupid enpough to put in £600 then you wouldn’t be here trying to sell the product… you’d be sunny side. READ THE PRINT… THE DISCLAIMER’S PROVE ITS A SCAM. IF IT WERE TRUE THEN WHY THE FINE PRINT. SIMPLE. AND IF IT WORKS WHY TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT.

  16. Steve says:

    Personally I think this has -some- potential, but the default settings are much too bold. I’ve been playing with it for a few days and found that the column/3rd bets are all pretty good ways to lose money on the default settings. Tweaking the betting thresholds (the length of sequence before the bot starts placing bets) reduces the potential cost of a bad set of spins, but it also reduces the amount that you win. At the end of the day this is still gambling.

    The fun casino makes this look like a great little earner, but without a £2000 bankroll in the real money casino I’d avoid this. Even with some very conservative betting patterns you can still lose most of your pot on one bad run.

  17. spears says:

    already have an account with one of these casinos strangely the account is not recognised if i try to log in using the bot

    • Kyle says:

      Same here, the winner casino doesn’t recognise my account when I know I have the right details and can sign in online. This is a SCAM! If they don’t recognise my sign in details, it can only mean it isn’t the official site or app.

  18. Kasper says:

    It is difficult to see the ignorance displayed on this forum by some… haven’t you had any statistics in school?

    This so-called “bot” is no scam… it’s no trick to steal your money…. it’s just a way to get people into online casino’s. How do I know this is not a scam?

    Because this exact “trick” has been taught by many math teachers in high schools all around the world and allows you to always win at roulette. If you always bet the same colour and always double your bet everytime you lose, you will always win back your losses in the end. HOWEVER…. if you use initial bets that are too large, in the end the betting sum on a losing streak will be too big, and you will reach the end of your cash deposit. With a relatively large amount of cash (or some limiters on the height of bets) and small initial bets, this will always be profitable. Why? Because the chance that you will keep spinning the other colour, decreases with every spin.

    Just check the Youtube video to see what happens: he loses 1 dollar, 2, 3, then wins 8 (2 times 4). Loses 1 dollar, wins two (2 times 1). Loses 1, 2, 3, 4, wins 12 (2 times 6). You can see that after many losses, the next bet is huge, but the potential winnings will be twice as big.

    But I guess some of you guys were sick the day they taught math?

    • Nick says:

      Sorry Kasper but according to your math reference… The following bet is huge but not the potential winnings. You can only win back the money you have used since the start of the bet plus a nice profit of the original amount you had wagered. That is the problem… As soon as you discover that after 6 or so lost spins you are wagering $32 and lost $31 already to ultimately win $1 if you do hit it after that then you wonder is the risk worth the reward… and the biggest mistake you can make is increase your initial bet if you cannot afford it. I confirm it works, if your patient and careful, and don’t gamble yourself in between the cooling of period….:) Like I did…:)

    • Davecj says:

      Are you serious?

      How can the chance decrease after each spin? That’s just stupid. It’s like flipping a coin. The chance of heads is ALWAYS 50%.

      What you are trying to say is that BEFORE spinning anything at all, the overall chance of spinning red 10 times in a row is much lower than 50-50.

      But the casinos want you to THINK the way you think. They want you to believe that after seeing red 10 times, that black will surely come next – then you bet a high amount, and lo and behold, the chance of red was STILL 50%, and you lose your money.

      Ignorance… lol.

  19. Anthimox says:

    I tried the software for some hours with free account and seems to work.
    But after a little statistical analysis my conclusion is that the software is simply using the doubling tecnique.
    It places a bet for 1$, if it loses it raises it to 2$, then to 4$ till it wins for a final gain of 1$. (it uses some alternates of the method so that you can’t identify it easily)
    The problem is that when you always double your stake, at some time you will end up losing many stakes in a raw and therefore lose your entire stack of money.

    So how do Roulette Bot Plus get their money via donation? Let’s say that 1.000 people use the software for $1.000 each. Not all of them will lose all their money. So let’s say that 500 ppl win $800 each and the rest lose all their money.
    The initial $1.0000.000 total capital of all the players is now 500x$1.800= $900.000. Therefore we can say that the method is not working, since with a $1.000.000 capital we have $100.000 loses. But not everybody lost. 500 people won a total of $800.000. These 500 think everything is ok. They just found the gouse with the golden eggs. Won’t they make a 5% donation? I would.
    The 5% of $800.000 it is $40.000.

    Not bad for the Roulette Bot Plus guys.

    A little bad for the guys who lose all their bankroll

  20. Kasper says:

    @Anthimox: your statistics are partially flawed.

    You’re right at the start, where you say the bot is using a doubling trick and several variations on that theme. However, the number of people that will win with a $1000,- stack and a low betting increment is much higher. The chance of losing 10 times in a row -say spinning red- is (0,5)^10 = 0,001 or 0,1%. However, the chance of winning -say spinning black- is 0,5 or 50%.


    • Max says:

      Of course you are right when you observe a streak of 10 turns, but it’s the wrong way of looking at it.
      Each statistical event is independent from the previous one! So every single turn of the wheel will give you 50-50 chances to have black or red (actually slightly less since you have the zero).
      So if you were asked “what are the odds of ten times red” you answer would be correct. But if you were about to put your stake on red or black IN THAT MOMENT, your chances are atill 50-50.

    • dave says:

      Why do people always assume getting a red or black number is 50%? There is a green(0) on the table? This is what tips the odds in the casino’s favour

    • Gav says:

      So (by your logic, and forgetting about the zero for now), you’re sitting there at spin number ten and you say the odds are 50% that you’ll roll black, and 0.1% you’ll roll red.

      What happens the other 49.9% of the time? Unicorns?

      The longer people keep believing that what rolled in the past magically affects what might happen next, the longer the casinos will happily take your money 😉

  21. Brujha says:

    I think it´s the same chance of winning with a bot as in real person. There is a system for roulette that you can try with playmoney, just google it. I tested it and got really good result, those $2.000 turned into like $10.000. Off course, as with all gaming, you got to have a bag full of luck. With playmoney you can go bananas with the bet as much as you like 🙂

  22. dim says:

    Will see…

  23. monego says:

    having watched this play, the bot is basically using an enhanced version of the martingale system.

    the bot spins the wheel until it has enough information to satisfy your setting requirements and then bets in the pattern you have told it to until it either WINS or you LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY.


    what the bot does do for you is let you run several of these systems simultaniously with zero effort. which is prety good!

    look at your settings, you are given threshold options on several different bets. the bot observes the results of these option until it hits the threshold YOU SET. ie, if black 7 times, bet red and double until I win (or run out). if you want lower risk, raise your threshold but bear in mind this will yield slower results. its a shame the bot does not allow for playing in smaller increments than £1 for people with smaller bankrolls as this would also reduce the risk.

    a couple of comments above have basically said the bot went all in and lost their money, this is probably because this is what you have asked it to do! if you are running it on default settings you are asking it to observe for thresholds and take positions on 7 different bets. 2 of these positions have a maximum bet value of £237 and 3 have maximum £256. This is a maximum single bet of £1185, plus the acumulated losses which would have occurred for you to be in this position. now, the odd of this happening are incredibly small BUT IT IS POSSIBLE and if this happens YOU ASKED THE BOT TO DO IT.

    i havent started using this for real money yet as i want to watch its play results over a month to try and determain a sensible bankroll to start it with and work out if i can afford to lose this much. its favourable that if this is over the maximum point that it went below £2000 then i stand a chance of making some money, so long as i dont hit a bad run before accumulating some wins.

    so, in summary its like all gambling. dont stick anything in your no prepared to lose!

  24. David Young says:

    The odds of a red coming up next after a red has been spun are still 50/50. In fact, if there are 10 red spins in a row, it’s still equal odds on a red coming up next. Even if there are 500,000 reds in a row, the next is still 50/50. You may not expect this to happen, sure… But it’s just as likely as any pattern of reds and blacks.

    • Max says:

      thank God someone who actually studied maths or statistic!

    • Robert says:

      Finaly someone who underestand math!!
      People, I use to play online casino roullete. I didn’t use bot, but I was simply playing red and black and doubleing bet. If you think there is small chance to have 30 or more same colors in row you are wrong. I was just doing it for fun, not to make money and money I used where my spending money, so no big deal. Whoever goes to casino with thinking of making money instead just go there for fun with money you can aford to loose is sick and need help. Casino will always win simply because you don’t have unlimited amount of money and you will be limited by bet limit at some point anyway.

    • Tony says:

      Absolutely right – the chances are still 50/50 at each turn.

      10 red in a row = 0.5POW(10) = 1 in 1024 chance
      11 red in a row = 0.5POW(11) = 1 in 2048 chance – i.e. twice as unlikely. ****But still 50/50 on the 11th turn***.

      The chances of 10 reds in a sequence are highly unlikely, meaning 11 reds in a row are even more unlikely – but that does not mean that the next turn is 90% likely to be a black believe it or not! The odds of a black happening are still the same – 50/50!! The trick to remember – is that these systems have no memory!

      Thats the bit that people cannot get their heads around. These systems have no memory of the past. If the past mattered at all – these ‘gambling systems’ would all work and that would mean the game of roulette would have ‘a memory’ stored away somehow. But thats not possible as long as the spin is random.

      However – some games like blackjack DO have a memory because each past event alters the odds of the next event occurring – its memory is stored away in the stacks of cards. Thats why ‘gambling systems’ used here can give you an edge by recording past results and working out the odds of future results. But for all other games where no memory exists the odds are exactly the same on the next turn.

      Another example which confuses people is the lottery. They think the odds of getting 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 2,4,6,8,10,12 are greater than the odds of getting something more random spread looking like 2,34,5,31,26,10. And, its true – but only in the same sense as before. Each ball in the lottery has no memory of any previous results. Therefore the chances of hitting a 2 after already hitting a 1 are exactly the same as hitting a number 34, and the same is true of a sequence … Still – despite knowing this I still go for a spread when I do the lottery (or self enforced taxation as I call it)!!

  25. Colin Powell says:

    Of course this bot is a scam. It claims to analyze and predict algorithms in random number generators on the fly. The idea of a piece of software which can do this for twenty (!) different random number generators is ludicrous in itself. Papers would be written on it for decades.

    Even if it did work, the end result of such a system would be a 100% win rate after enough data was collected. This clearly isn’t the case.

    Far more likely is that it just bets exactly the way everybody here is saying it does by doubling bets when it loses, for slow, steady profit at small time scales. It is a statistical certainty that EVENTUALLY a string of losses will wipe out all your cash. This will probably happen when you get bored of watching, since it is automated.

    It’s just an automatic gambling machine.

    You’re better off looking elsewhere for a free money machine. I’ve seen a lot of websites offering “free energy kits” — maybe you’ll have better luck violating thermodynamics.

    Seriously though, don’t buy/download anything on the internet which claims to provide you with free money. Ever. Seriously. Jesus…

  26. rick says:

    thank you for all the smart people in here, its great when people gang up to help each other in some way or another to save the ordinary man like me from throwing away money, hoping that there is a way to make easy money from online gimicks

    thanks everybody, keep up the good work, and good luck to everyone who wants to help another

  27. James says:

    I also agree with Rick… thank you for the head’s up..think I will give this one a miss

  28. Daniel says:

    Firstly i was playing in practice mode, i was winning all the time, then i decided to try with real money, so i deposited £20 after 5 minutes my balance was £50 and after another minute the bot was losing and rising bet after bet and i lost all, i decided second time and again from £20 to £45 and the same situation and i ended losing it. so decided last time i put £30 and after couple minutes i got like £84 and again the same situation and i lost all!!

    • Mike says:

      Try settings for each bet at 10 to 12 .You wont win a lot but you will not lose a lot either .

    • Kazz says:

      You know that even without the bot if you enter with that sum you will lose right?
      The bot uses a method that very few people do. It’s this simple. You bet 1, then if you lose you have to bet the double as the amount before. for example

      you bet 1 and you lose then you bet 2. 1+2=3
      But if you win you get the double of your bet amount. 2×2=4
      and this goes on and on. As long as you keep betting double you will win. Ad the bot uses that system so you cant say its a scam just because you didnt win. You should first understand what the bot does.

      And for this system entering with that amount of course is suicide.
      I mean imagine if you lose 4 times in a row. 1-2-4-8. only in this you already lost 15.
      If you dont know the method dont say its a scam. people win and people lose. Those who win know how to use it. You clearly didnt.

  29. Jorgen says:

    It is probably not the bot you would like it to be, it will more probably make you part of a bot-net.
    It will probably also steal your credit card info when betting after it’s installed.
    Please think first…

  30. Larry Colorado says:

    Yes, it really does not work. It takes too high risks and you always lose all money. I don’t recommend this.

    And I don’t recommend the casinos, which are connected to this program. I had only problems with withdrawals and I could not even take my wins into my own account. Online help exlains their mistakes by misunderstandings and customer always loses his money. E.g in Swiss and Noble casinos.

  31. Johnny says:

    Ofcourse it doesn’t work. If it did, why would anyone share it with the entire internet?

    Just don’t gamble!

  32. harry says:

    i agree with johnney when i see this adverticement of this bot my 1st thoughed was its a scam, why would anyone wanna share this program if it really works! and if it did really work then we would all be freaking rich sitting at home not having to go to work anymore!!

    this bot probably has some trojan virus in it that takes data from your hard drive, key logs your every move and gathers information,,

  33. Xbox Loop says:

    The system is based on an 18th century year old strategy called the Martingale strategy–>
    Casino’s even welkom the strategy because eventually you will lose…the person who made the software probably runs one od the Online Casino’s….its as simpel as that.

  34. Vadfasiken. says:

    The paradox is as follows: In the article they actually say 100% winstreak. But in the proclaimer it sais: “We don´t promise any 100% winnings. It´s on your own risks if you play.. yada yada.. the usuall”
    Isn´t that somekind of a warning?
    Secondly: There is no way to build a bot that can forsee “chance”. Because that is what it´s all about. Chance. And the article sais that they´ve come up with a way to fool “chance”. Is that even possible?
    In order to do that we have to have computers that are build with the nanotechnology… And I believe there´s atleast 100 years into the future before that is even a subject for the privat person.
    Third and last: Read First and second 🙂

    I´m out.

  35. Greg Adanis says:

    YES! It is a SCAM. The reason it only “works” on the “selected” casinos is because they have affiliate accounts on these sites, wich means they get 25% of what you lose to the casino. Standard deal. Why would they make a bot that wins money? They only get paid when you lose. The more the better. Sad but true.

  36. Tony from downunder says:

    Bugger, thought it was too good to be true. Glad I did some research & stumbled on this website. Keep up the good work you blokes. I think I’ll check out Bonus Bagging though. Hooroo 8)

    • Dave says:

      Bonus bagging is genuine.. Takes a bit of effort, capital, and the rewards are small, but it is not a scam. It does work, and the guy who runs it is very helpful, and now producing good videos on how to best use it..

  37. Annetta says:

    After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are
    added- checkbox and from now on every time
    a comment is added I get four emails with the
    exact same comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that
    service? Thanks!

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Annetta, how frustrating. Unfortunately this is an automated process and not something I have control over. I can’t actually find your original comment can you point me towards it so I can look into it?

  38. Nick says:

    Please do not fall in to the trap that I just fell in to with Roulette Bot Plus. It seems too good to be true, and it is.

    After downloading I signed up through the Bot with Club Tropez. Deposited £100 (which I can afford to lose) and was awarded a £75 bonus. I played Roulette using the Bot for about 15 minutes and made a profit of £27, but I noticed the Bot would use crazy bets at the peak of the doubling up, so I decided the test was over as this was not worth the risk

    I decided to stop, requested a withdrawl of my original £100, knowing this would forfeit my bonus and I was happy to leave my winnings behind, just taking my initial investment.

    Low and behold, I receive an email 24 hours later stating my withdrawal request has been declined as the minimum to be wagered (based on my bonuses) before making any withdrawl is £7000 – from £100 deposited!!!!

    And here’s the kicker – ROULETTE DOESNT COUNT TOWARDS ANY WAGERING. It’s right there in the Casino’s small print – clearly a deal has been done between the creators of this Bot and the Casino’s making it very very difficult, almost impossible, to turn a profit AND withdraw it, especially not via Roulette. Speaking to their customer services, they suggest using slots to “easily reach the £7000 limit” and of course, you lose all your money. Job done, I look stupid, the house wins again.

    I luckily only lost £100, but this is going to take less suspecting people to the cleaners.


    My wife is very very angry at me – don’t make the same mistake.

    • Mike says:

      Excuse me Nick ,how did the Roulette Bot tell you not to read the Terms and Conditions of that Casino or any Casino offering a BONUS ? Also to anyone else saying the Roulette Bot is a SCAM ,why don’t you try sitting out each of the betting systems for at least 12 misses ? You wont win a lot of money per hour but you shouldn’t lose all your money in 5 minutes either ! If your money is still with that Casino have you tried playing Blackjack ? The turnover might be counted as 10% of Slots but at least there is something .

    • Michael M says:

      Play Blackjack to run through the turnover requirements .

  39. Nick says:

    I forgot to add, the customer service live chat agent was essentially laughing at me when I argued about my withdrawal initially. When the money was gone via the slots I sent her a message saying “you win, sleep well tonight” and she simply replied “i will thanks”.

    Sickening, ain’t it

  40. Nick says:

    AND the final amazing proof in my claim – I found the Facebook page for the Roulette Bot Plus and posted this same message – it was deleted in 15 minutes and replaced with a post stating

    “Beat the House EVERY single time…! Here is the proof:


  41. Nick says:

    AND I’ve been blocked from posting on that page now.

  42. Nick says:

    You need to bear in mind one important thing when reading the comments in this…. how many are actually real experiences and how many are fabricated. After all it is possible for people from both sides of the camp to make claims but those with the biggest gain are those claiming to make money and recruit punters. Of course that is only my opinion but it does bring everything in to perspective. Quite simply put.. you don’t need to pay someone else to use systems that are widely publicised. My advice is keep your money don’t give it to someone else. Gambling is a mugs game. After all when did you last see a casino or bookies go out of business. They don’t. If you really want to do something useful and feel good about it then buy a Health Lottery ticket or give money to a reputable charity not a gambling den. Don’t get suckered by someone claiming to give you money for nothing.. it doesn’t exist. Especially when they say its free and then knock on your door for a cut of the winnings when they don’t compensate you for your loses.

    I could say… Guess what I lost £5000 and I’d like the casinos to give me some of it back… exactly… they wouldn’t. Any winnings in these casinos are short lived. Much like these Poker ads. “Hi my name’s Shamus Warden and I’m a professional poker player…” These guys are recruited to make sure you don’t get huge winnings. It protects the casinos and limits your winnings. Don’t be a mug.

  43. wahid says:

    hey there, I found out the hard way, lost £50, that’s a lot of money tome me :-(, you can not take out money unless you WAGER £2400, **** that, i can never do that, and the joke is you only have to play in Slots or other ***** games that make no money for you… Please stay away…

  44. Someone you need to listen says:

    Hello everybody! I have to tell you my experiences with this. My mom got hooked on this roulette and she spent a lot of money. She was sure that the system was working although she was losing (she thought she always did something wrong). This thing almost destroyed our family. My mother is really smart. So don’t think this can’t happen to you. Don’t ever believe what they are saying!

    By the way, I study mathematics and we proved at lectures (about this roulette thing) that you can make money only if you have infinite amount of money, which you don’t. You have to know that, OK, you gain in 2^9-1/2^9 cases, but in one case you lose and at that time you lose 2^9=512 € (and this happens every 512th time you roll the roulette on average).

  45. J Proudfoot says:

    I used roulette bot about a year or so ago. I deposited £30 and won £740. My mate was appalled that I’d been scammed and talked me into cleansing my computer as he was convinced I’d been hacked. I was quite happy that I’d escaped with just a £30 loss and feeling rather naive. But within 7 days I was jumping for joy when I noticed the money had been deposited into my bank.

    I tried reinstalling the program and had absolutely no joy the second time around.

  46. JR says:

    This is easy – just AVOID AVOID AVOID, it’s a massive SCAM. As as been said before, this is Martingale system – you will eventually go bust playing this strategy. If it worked then every casino would go out of business.

    Also, it’s 50/50 red/black no matter how times red comes up. Similarly, if heads has come up on the toss of a coin 99 times in a row. It’s STILL 50/50 on the next spin.

    This is just a scam and the bot is just an affiliate to the casinos so the owners are probably raking it in. The comments above singing this things praises are no doubt the owners or in cahoots with them.

  47. Michael M says:

    How come all my sensible messages have not been shown on this page ? I am no promoter of the Roulette Bot but I can say if anyone wants to avaoid losing their money they can set the waiting time for bets to the mid teens.They wont get many bets but they also wont lose their money.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Mike, Tom here. Apologies, I’ve been in Myanmar for the last 3 weeks and unable to get Internet access/approve comments etc. All back to normal now…

    • Dave says:

      ‘Won’t lose their money’? Rubbish..! This just delays the inevitable… You will get wiped out in the long run.. Unless you quit whilst ahead, after a lucky streak, and never go back, you can not keep winning, regardless of the parameters you use..

    • Dave says:

      PS You may well win small over a period, but you can be certain you are being monitored by the casino, and sure as eggs are eggs your minimum and maximum bets will eventually be squeezed, so that you will lose faster.. Get out if you are ahead, and NEVER go back..

  48. Chastity Dinges says:

    Hiya, I have wondered about buying the software package DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping somebody could give me an actual real testimony of the software program. Numerous webpages that give experiences are generally affiliate websites promoting the application therefore i don’t believe that the reviews are trustworthy. Cheers in advance for all insight anybody can provide.

  49. Andrew says:

    Has anyone received winnings in their account. I’ve won $4k au in last 2 days from $50, but skeptical about money actual going into account or someone committing some sort of fraud with my details.

  50. Ukrainian lurker says:

    Hi everyone, try to flip a coin at least 1000 times, and every time try to guess heads or tails before actually looking. Now what are the chances of you being wrong 10 times in a row? Basically so small and almost zero. With online casinos it is normal to have 10 reds in a row and if you are doubling on black eventually you can loose everything. But what if you just forget about the previous sequence, forget the history of ten previous numbers and bet randomly as if you are flipping the coin at the same time doubling your bet if you’ve missed? At least gives you chance to avoid the trap. I haven’t tried this technique myself just because it occurred to me just now after having read all your posts and comments. There must be some way how to beat them *******.

  51. sos says:

    Scam or not, i use it for 2 weeks now, as long as im playing for free it works, as i played for realmoney with bonus it was still working, but bonus ristrustions and wagger terms make it hard to withdraw, i played in 4 differrent casino with the help of Roulette bot plus, i played for real money without being greedy, i played in the same way like i was playing for free.. for real money it doesnt work, casinos and Roulette bot plus win ur money and share it between, its bull shit software, never use it again, i lost a lot of money in short time, in chat with Roulette bot online, they said u shouldn play in the same casino in 2-3 weeks after withdrawal, fact is that i have never done a withdrawal, when i told them online that they cooperate with casinos they shut the online chat… actually they didnt answer to me with a solution, “take a screen shot of ur playing history and send to us and we will contact u” i mean what will that helps me after i lost my money… u want to try the software its up to u, but i told u my experienses…

  52. Anthony Burke says:

    I used Roulette Bot Pro and I too found it did not work. You can build up your account for a few sessions and them loose hundreds of euros in seconds. It is set up to happen so fast you do not get time to react manually. Anybody who has tried this system will know what I am talking about.

    My advise is; stay miles away.

  53. Developer Jeff says:

    Hi All

    This post has been an interesting read. Many folks seem to think the software is a scam, but that may well be an over-simplified view.
    I write software that includes some elements of what this bot appears to do. Not this bot, nor anything ever offered to the public, but financial trading software that sometimes uses recovery mechanisms that are a very controlled version of the Martingale system this bot uses. So, some comments from years of working on these, and then a personal take 😉
    Firstly, this bot is a wild animal – it WILL eat all your money if you let it. Control it, take precautions, do not be greedy, and you may well make a bit.
    It definitly uses a Martingale technique – basically the “double up until I win” approach. Does it know anything about the random number system of the casino? Highly unlikely, so that bit is probably marketing waffle or the developer has been sniffing old pizza and stale coffee too much.
    Statistically, Martingale can ONLY win CONSISTANTLY if you have a large number of trials and unlimited doubling capability. Casino rules (table limits) are specifically designed to stop you having this doubling ability for many bets in a row.

    So, how do you use this bot to advantage? Well, it is actualy a quite nice auto-player. You need to load it up with enough cash to be able to take a decent draw down of equity in the middle of a losing sequence, (but actually you can’t really do that with the trading limits of the bot and the table limits of the casinos) Then, using the minimum bet size (and it’s very rude of them not to have allowed the bot to bet smaller than £1) you use the bot over a few sessions to get to double your initial stake. Then, you withdraw your original stake and continue playing with profit only. Once the profit is twice your original stake, keep milking the excess via withdrawels. This has worked for me, and my initial £200 stake at one casino and £300 at another have been returned to me and I am currently playing a £380 profit on one and a £720 profit at the other. I will now trot off and withdraw another £120 from the second account. Both accounts have had several Black Swan events and I just restart them with funds from my withdrawn profits. At this point, I will not put back ANY of my own money, just a bit of their money until I see the system is not profitable overall, then I will stop using it. For now, I am a grand+ up, so not too fussed.

  54. Developer Jeff says:

    PS Sorry, forgot to mention in the last post. Open your accounts with the “Refuse Bonus” option and there is then no wagering commitrtment on your deposited funds and you can withdraw any time you like 😉

  55. VR says:

    I’m testing it at the moment and using (much) safer thresholds it seems you can make very slow profit. Of course once in a while you WILL get a very bad streak, but if you withdraw profits regularly to keep your bankroll low you can never lose much at once. Say, go from 100 to 150, withdraw 50, and repeat. Then at some point you will lose the entire bankroll because of a bad streak. I’m just not sure yet if this method makes any difference in the long run…

  56. VR says:

    And yes, never accept the bonus terms because of wagering requirements. If there’s no option to refuse your first deposit bonus, you may have to contact the casion to disable bonuses before making your first deposited.

  57. Paul Trundley says:

    1. There is absolutely no need to withdraw at a given point undder the Nightingale system, whether you start a new sequence after a win or wait to the next day is irrelevant. In the long run you lose as you cannot double up again (stack or casino rule).

    2. If the casino operators use a random generator -of course they do, and it is any good -probably, then knowing the code it does not help because it IS random!

    3. Yes the sites offering these are probably getting a rake from the number of clicks to the casino sights, but that i normal Net procedure for commercial sites.

    4. What I have not seen mentioned, inevitably some people initially win and make a donation as requested so the Bot seller makes some money, but the win was chance and had nothing to do with the Bot! Is it a scam, yes because it was not responsible for your win, no, because people only make DONATIONS… that is the legality of it.

    5. Ypou could win up to $600: scam? No, because it is theoretically possible just as the occasional person wins more than one lottery in a week.

  58. Hrhfish says:

    Just thought I’d let you know a lot of these software bots and casino systems are commissioned by the casinos that you can log into through the software.

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  60. Jack says:

    This isn’t a scam, it’s just a bot that automates the martingale system. Yes, the casinos and the affilates get a commission of your deposits and losses, but if it wasn’t for that, there wouldn’t be this bot. Like someone said above, always withdraw your profits at the end of every session. People are b**ching because they have won and then lost everything, if you withdrew your profits, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

  61. krutto says:

    And… how ironic! That site advertises on this one! Not their doing, that would be Google using all your info to supply you with sites that interest you. Including ones you don’t want! And, Jack; there are no withdrawals, just excuses/reasons why you can’t!

  62. honest and yrue says:

    I have used the bot, and on the first occasion was very pleased with the outcome, winning around £120 with a starting balance of £200 which was explained to me was realistically the minimum to use to stand a chance of losing streaks! An hour later i did the process again, and to my amazement around the £120 was won again. Now thinking this really works i played slots with the £240 i’d won but lost, no harm done i thought. A couple of hours later thought right time to win some money again, but as others have said previously, as soon as i started the bot all the money i had, piled on the table and was lost, whoosh! I did not follow the instructions that the makers of this bot recommend, which is, to go under radar is to deposit half of what you have won but without withdrawing! If people did this and the WHOOSH scenario happened, how much would people lose then, its terrifying. Maybe the WHOOSH thing did happen because i was playing all bets, but that was the last time i played it. Also remembering now the casino kept ringing (an american guy) asking if everything was fine, which i would reply yes, but obviously not letting on that id used the bot, but in the back of my head, thinking he knew i had. Also a comment earlier made me think, i am sure my last computer went down around the time of using the bot, due to hard drive failure!

  63. David Barnes says:

    Dont use the basic setting always the advanced. I found you can limit losses by entering zero so eg on black / red you can bet 1, 2, 4, 0 that will limit loss to 7 units,

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  65. ptc fan says:

    I have tried this thing after seeing an ad on many PTC websites, just like described above – in the beginning it looked all right then for no reason it kept doubling stupid bets until the money was gone. The same repeated a few times in a few different casinos, basically I’ve lost my money plus whatever I’ve won without “help” of this crap software. Funny thing is I was not able to pause/stop this thing while it was placing ridiculous bets and had to watch it loosing my money.

  66. andy green says:

    You guys do not realise, you are not playing on the real casinos, you are playing against a sham casino which pretends to be the Original , for example William Hill.

    To prove it, go to another clean computer (no viruses, no trojans), and try to log on to William Hill (a genuine betting web site) with the account that you have made through the “roulette robot”.

    It is not a scam, it is a sham. From the moment you deposit money it is lost, gone. Because it did not go to a genuine online casino but the scammers.

  67. ben says:

    Well as a new and curious user i thought to give it a go…

    Firstly, I knew about the casino tempting Bonuses – do not use them and decline them, or ALL your money, including your initial real money deposit will be tied to very difficult wagers on selected games and Roulette is never included.

    Secondly – i registered directly on the casino site, downloaded the software from the casino not the affiliate link, just to be on the safe side of Phishing your details. I registered with EuroGrand (and they seem to be a sub website from WH Online (William Hill) – where payments are shown on your statement.

    Thirdly I deposited £100 as a deposit and played the default options and won £109. However looking at some of the bets, it was quite scary, and with a 50:50 chance to win or lose on such bets, you can lose all very quickly, luckily I won. Went to withdraw and currently pending withdraw of £109.

    So, After some research and contacting the bot chat, I managed my Advanced settings and reduced the Thresholds and Wagers ending them 16,0. I trialled it in practice mode, seemed to wager much better and less risk, so attempted real money, and I won £260. Also now pending to withdraw.

    This evening, with the same settings that won me £260, I lost all my bank roll of £100.

    I am going to cancel one withdraw, the £109 – and try again…

    Will post later more results…

  68. Chris says:

    Make sure you email the casino that you plan to play with and ask them to remove all bonus’s from your account, then when you deposit you will only be playing your own money and no restrictions to withdraw, – took me about a month to make around £4,000 – my rule is deposit once, and withdraw once, don’t withdraw willy nilly, casino will notice.

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