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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Secret Source Directory – Mark Hempshell

Secret Source Directory - Mark Hempshell - ReviewIf you, like me, are into the idea of sourcing mega-cheap goods to flog off at MASSIVE prices… here is a way you can get access a secret source of repossessed goods… and get your mitts on quality goods for prices that will knock your socks off.

It’s called ‘The Secret Source Directory’ and it shows you cracking stuff like this:

* How to practically STEAL brand new appliances, kitchenware and computer goods – by going to these little-known backdoor ‘tradesmen’ entrances…’invite-only’ auctions…and ‘need-cash-quick’ bankruptcy sales…

* How to impersonate a journalist and get your hands on clothes, beer and iPods! (It’s sneaky…but completely legal)

* Fancy making a 1,000% profit? Try these 11 HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL import sources High Street stores pray you’ll never discover…

* 32 ‘hush-hush’ contacts for tapping into a GOLDMINE of overruns, samples, catalogue returns and end-of-line goods…

** Dozens of non-listed phone numbers…hidden ‘better-than-eBay’ online auctions…secret ‘e-vouchers’ that knock hundreds off prices…’invisible’ buy-at-wholesale websites not even Google can find.

If you’re into eBay or Amazon bookselling, or your looking for some high margin stuff to sell through an e-letter or website… this is for you.

Sell it on eBay. Sell it on your own site. Sell it on your street. Or just keep the stuff you buy.

Think of it this way…

If you can find a source of low priced goods that people really want… and sell them those goods at a markup, you can’t FAIL to make money. And if you work out how to buy an item low and sell it high – even just ONCE – you easily do it over and over again.

Once that happened, you’ve got yourself a profitable part-time home business.

This isn’t theoretical, new-fangled web marketing stuff. It’s  the way people make money. It’s the way people have ALWAYS made money.

What you get in the Secret Source Directory

When you sign up to the ‘The Secret Source Directory’ you’ll get 32 not-advertised sources for returns, excess stock and samples… over 20 ‘off-the map’ online auction sites…and 40  sources of massively discounted stripped assets. You also get a free email alert every week, offering the most up to date information.

It’s less than £30 and you can read it, absorb it, and do what you like with the info for 30 days. If it’s not for you, send it back to Canonbury, the publisher.

The guarantee and all the details are laid out on this website:

Secret Source Directory

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