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Published on November 21st, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Shopping Genie

This is a Multi Level Marketing scheme that promotes a piece of price-comparison software. The idea is that you load it onto your computer and it seeks out the best priced products on the market for you.

To make money, you need to sell the scheme to other people. They then join your downline. Now when they find distributors, commission money moves up the chain to you.

It cost $199 to join up. Then you pay a monthly administration fee of $30.

So does it work…

Reviewer Nick Laight has taken a look at this on his What Biz Opp site and says: “First problem I see is that most people, when they are looking for a bargain, are going to go straight to Google and gain access to price comparison sites such as Price Runner or Kelko. So why would anyone go to the time and hassle of downloading this app?”

I would agree with that. To me this product doesn’t seem like it has a strong Unique Selling Point. If there were no price comparison sites, THEN this software would become a ‘must-have’ product.

Nick also points out that you need lots of people to sign up if you’re going to make a decent monthly commission – at least 3,500 people. However this would be entirely possible if you have an email newsletter of some kind, or a list of customers and enquirers.

My view is that this – like all MLMs – could work if you’re an internet marketer or you’re building an email business. As a starter opportunity for someone with no marketing experience, they don’t usually work out.

The real magic of the Genie lies in the list… because on its own I don’t believe the product has the lure to pull in enough referrals.

However, if you’ve had some good experiences with this then please drop me a line and let me know.


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