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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Tom Wake


Review: SP Casino (Scam)

sp casino review scamIs SP Casino a scam… or can you really claim a ‘legit’ welcome bonus just for signing up?

I’ve lost count of the number of emails about SP Casino that have blitzed my inbox from a range of different senders (NONE of whom’s lists I signed up to).

Here are just a few:,,,,,,,,, (many more have also cropped up)

This is what one version of the email says in case you haven’t seen it:

Subject line: Congratulations youve been awarded an exclusive casino offer

You have been chosen to receive an exclusive offer from SP Casino!

Register today and you could soon be enjoying a 200% Match Bonus which could make a massive difference to your bank balance.

This offer is strictly for you so please don’t share with anybody else.

Log-in and make your first deposit and you’ll instantly get a 200% Match Bonus so that you can start winning without delay.

Start enjoying our 450 quality online casino games and be a winner with SP Casino.

Take up your offer NOW, our jackpots are waiting.

Casino manager

It’s then followed by a link (a different one on every email) which takes you through to what is supposedly SP Casino’s page.

As I mentioned briefly before, there are a number of different versions of what is essentially the same email. I won’t paste all the content here but here are a few of the subject lines that have been used:

– Have you heard about these casino offers?
– Enjoy elite online gaming today
– If he can win in the casino so can you
– Make this festive season one to remember
– BIG wins are here for the taking
– Join SP casino?s exclusive promotion

It might not be a great suprise for you to learn that this is a scam.

It’s a spam phishing scam to be precise. Spammers are using a multitude of different ‘from addresses’ to carpet bomb us with these SP Casino links in the hope that you’ll be attracted by the offer of a free bet and click through. Whatever you do, do not click on these. Half of them seem to come down as quickly as they’re sent out – presumably as they’re shut down by the authorities – but the others are specifically designed to steal your card details and other sensitive data.

Just to reiterate, these are clone sites built by scammers to swipe your personal details, they are NOT endorsed by any legitimate casinoes.

These pages always look convincing so be on your guard.

Make sure you read this article on online casino scams to help protect yourself from future threats:

How to avoid dangerous online casino scams

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