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Published on April 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Sports Statistician – Oxfordshire Press

by Charlie Wright

Betting on football is getting hugely popular. And getting more so for serious punters. This is because there are so many little specialised markets where odds compilers can get it very wrong… things like corners, throw ins, free kicks and red cards.

By knowing the real stats that the bookies use, you can get a serious inside advantage… and turn a cheeky profit while having a few pints down your local boozer.

All you need is a constant supply of good, hard, trustworthy stats. Information that shows you where the moneymaking advantage lies in any given game.

The Sports Statistician is THE best service in the country to supply this for you. They send you all the stats, charts and analysis you need to place a bet. You can do this quickly online, or the old fashioned way down at the bookies.

Within a few hours you could pocket an extra £200 and totally dazzle your mates with your weird and wonderful football knowledge.

What I like about this is that the onus is on Oxfordshire Press (the publisher) to prove their stats to YOU. There’s no flaky claim here of a miracle system that will make you hundreds of thousands of pounds. No amazing strike rates from a mathematical formula they refuse to showyou til you’ve handed over the cash.

It’s simply about knowing the inside info that put the odds in your favour. The same ways as odds compilers use stats to keep the odds in the bookies’ favour.

The team at Sport Statistician provide all industry stats, facts and analysis you need to start raking in extra cash at the weekend. They will send you these stats for a month, risk free. You simply select and place your bet. Then settle back and watch the game.

If their info doesn’t help you make you money, then you can cancel your direct debit within 28 days. Even after your first month, you get a further two months risk-free. If you change your mind after 3 months of using their stats, let them know they’ll still refund you, whatever reason you give.

UPDATE: This product is no longer available.

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