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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Star Trader – MCI Technologies

by Charlie Wright

Usually, I read all the biz opps I review in full, or try them out, or ask someone else who as tried them out. But I am getting a lot of emails about MCI Technology opps.

I admit haven’t got the full details, but there’s no harm in me passing on what I DO know on the grapevine.

As far as I know, this is the opp with all the snazzy Star Trader software. It’s about £2,000, but although you do get this expensive kit, apparently you don’t get told what to invest in. Again, I’d avoid it. I haven’t heard you can get all the same info on the internet and my instinct is that it’s not a scam, but I hear that people don’t make much money either.

On their website, the testimonials (obviously cherry-picked) are hardly gushing. The one that mentions performance goes on about making 26% gains in 4 months. This is a decent performance for a portfolio, but hardly life-changing. You can do the same with spread betting, fixed odds trading or just a good stock newsletter like The Fleet Street Letter, all which you can try out for less than £500.

The other positive comments simply say that the software is easy to install or that the customer service was okay. Now, wouldn’t you think there’d be at least a page of “WOW! YOU MADE ME £10,000 in 5 MONTHS”-type testimonials? I mean, they can pick the best!

This is why I recommend you avoid this.

But if you’ve tried this and know otherwise please leave a comment below.

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