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Published on February 23rd, 2010 | by Tom Wake


Review: Ten Minute Trader – Matthew Bird

by Charlie Wright

Matthew Bird was a successful home trader who kept things pretty close to his chest. One day his sister, infuriated with his mysterious activities, demanded to know how he made his money So he sat her down and showed her the basic elements of his trading system… how he spotted market momentum – and how he put bets on it using a fixed odds strategy.

Despite her complete lack of knowledge she gave it a try… and made £3,107 in her first month.

This annoyed him and bruised his ego. But it led him to create a programme that showed his system to other people.

The idea of Ten Minute Trader is to bring simplicity to the home trading process. It’s an antidote to the long, complex manuals and systems that most people shove onto their shelf after a few despairing weeks.

This programme is one of those you can sit down and go through quickly. You get ‘live’ visual demonstrations to make everything crystal clear. And you can start practice trading almost immediately using a virtual money account.

This product came out just before Christmas and has had some great feedback.

If you want to test-drive the Ten Minute Trader system for 30 days, Matthew will not only give you the instructions and tutorials, but also his private email address. This means you can ask him any questions you have.

He also sends you regular emails with details of what he’s trading, so you can follow him in and out of the market. This is an invaluable extra, because it allows you to make informed decisions, even if you’ve not experience or natural instinct for the market.

Ideally you’ll want to have some ten minutes spare in the early evenings. The recommended time is 7pm, but it can later or earlier. As you’ll see, it’s adaptable, depending on whether you decide to trade the Dow, FTSE, S&P500 or Forex.

The idea is that you follow the momentum of the market. You’re not gambling on unlikely occurrences. But by betting on the obvious you don’t make huge gains.

Matthew aims for amounts of £110… £78… £270… £209… £185…

Anyway, it’s worth a look. You get 30 days, plus email support, plus market overview emails, so that’s a nifty little package. And as you’ll see when you check out the price, quite surprisingly low in price for everything you get.

UPDATE: This product is closed for the season

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