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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: The £2,500 per Week eBay PowerSellers Secrets

by Amanda O’Brien


I’ve had a couple of emails about the eBay Powersellers Secrets, which I reviewed earlier in the month. One reader says:

“I’ve bought Amanda’s book and quite honestly it’s one of the best ebay books I’ve seen.  Best information and advice I’ve seen regarding creating headlines, advertising copy.  Love it!”

It’s nice when something gets the good feedback it deserves. A few other readers wanted to know whether this book was only about drop-shipping… if it could be applied to any kind of eBay business… and whether storage space would be an issue. All good questions which I can answer here…

The manual shows you everything from scratch, including how to set up your first eBay products, how to set up a shop, how to find hot products, and where to source products outside the internet. So it applies to anyone wanting to start on eBay, with any type of product, and at any level.

However, the course does recommend finding a wholesaler online, and shows you how to do this. In these cases you will be storing products in your home, garage or wherever you have space. It will depend on what type of product.  Amanda’s recommendation is to test the saleability of the product by ordering very small amounts. She then goes on to recommend drop-shipping as a solution to this storage problem. So the book covers all bases really.

Original Review:

The first thing that impresses me about ‘The £2,500 Per Week eBay PowerSellers Secrets’ is that the author – Amanda O’Brien – is agenuine self-made eBay entrepreneur. If you want someone to hold your hand and lead you into this business, this is the kind of person you should follow.

Secondly, the manual is fantastically clear and easy to follow. It covers all bases, from setting up to drop-shipping. You don’t need to store your own products. She reveals how to get stuff wholesale and sell it with a hefty mark-up.

Thirdly, she gives away her best wholesale and drop-ship sources. These will have taken her months to find. But she doesn’t hold back. All the details are there.

This isn’t just an instruction manual. You get a whole bunch of useful resources that Amanda doesn’t even advertise one her sales page (how often do you see THAT happening?)

You get access to a members’ website packed with details of product suppliers for instance…

·         A massive selection of Search Engine driven wholesale sources for almost every product you can imagine

·         A free to join dropshipping and wholesale site based in the UK. Jam-packed with a huge selection of products

·         Access to a manufacturer and wholesaler of tooth whitening and oral care products.

·         Details of U.K Retailer and wholesaler of Slimming Pills and Supplements.

·         And tonnes more where all that came from…

She also offers some amazing tools. Including…

·         How to find the most popular items on eBay, check feedback, use the eBay seller history tool to study what a user has sold and how much they have made on eBay…and loads more!

·         Create a logo for your eBay Shop in minutes! Simple to use and loads of designs to choose from.

·         Add a video to your eBay listings absolutely free!

·         A Listing Title Analyzer – Simply input your keywords and ‘BayEstimator’ will calculate how successful your chosen keywords will be in your listing title. An easy way to optimize your listings!

·         An eBay Listing Generator. Simply fill in the template with the details of your product and watch your listing be created

None of this stuff above is even in the sales promotion, but in my view it offers an amazing opportunity to get set up quick, get hold of decent products with proven markets, and get your listings perfect right from the start,

This makes PowerSellers Secrets ideal if….

·         You have never even looked at the eBay website before
·         You have no business experience
·         You have low amounts of capital
·         You are looking for something strictly part time.
·         You don’t know what product to sell
·         You don’t know where to get the products from
·         You don’t know how to list products on eBay

I’ve also seen some really good feedback – again, this isn’t even mentioned on the sales site…

These include…

“It is the most informative and detailed book of its type that I have read and if it has missed anything out I haven’t noticed it (yet!). It has given me the confidence to go ahead and more than that, the enthusiasm too. So in short – excellent!” John Burdge, Wimborne, Dorset

“I have received your fantastic course The £2,500 Per Week eBay Powersellers Secrets and after tearing myself away from the book (I’m at page 67) I just wanted to drop you a quick email, on how great the information is and how it really lives up to what you advertise, not like all the other products that are out there.” A Wilson

All in all, a thumbs up from me, and a well done to Amanda for creating something that makes it super-easy for the newbie to get started quickly and with minimal faff.

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