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Published on November 23rd, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: The Property Locator

by Martin Welch, Fleet Street Publications

The idea behind The Property Locator is that ‘guru’ Martin Welch will teach you how to find bargain properties in the UK.

You then pass them onto a team who finish the deal.

For a bit of paperwork, you can apparently earn £20,000 a month. But first you have to pay £252.77 (plus VAT!) Then you get sent a 7-hour video CD worth £499.00 and one day private training with Martin Welch.

This is all well and good and above board. If you’re new to property these materials will be interesting. So on that level, this is a genuine opportunity, even if the promotion is a bit over-hyped.

If you’re into property… and don’t live in fear that the bubble is about to burst in your face (as I do!)… then by all means go for it.

But beware that membership involves going to seminars, where you’ll be encouraged to ‘upgrade’ your membership to one of their many programmes. These will cost you a fair bit of money.

Oh, and you may have to go to Slough.

[Crash of thunder / lightning flash / scream.]

I also wonder about a couple of things… if you found a really good property deal, wouldn’t you want to exploit it yourself, rather than pass it on?

I also wonder about the property market these days, and whether it offers the kind of opportunities it did 5 or 10 years ago.

For instance, why is Channel 4’s property guru, Sarah Beeny, now abandoning the whole UK property thing on a hunt for fat profits in the European market?

It’s a good question.

So with reservations…

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