MLM & Pyramid Schemes Review - Thousand Dollar Cycle - Bon Voyage 1000

Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Thousand Dollar Cycle – Bon Voyage 1000

Review - Thousand Dollar Cycle - Bon Voyage 1000In August I received an unsolicited email from somebody pushing the Thousand Dollar Cycle. It said:

“$350 gets you in, and every time you (or your team) get 6 sales, it’s called a cycle, and every time you cycle, YOU get PAID $1,000 by AlertPay! I’ve already cycled 7 times since joining on Friday 7/23/10”

Essentially the promise here is: send them $350 and you’ll cycle it into multiple profits very quickly.

I dug around and discovered that this is described as an ‘automated marketing system’ which promotes the Bon Voyage 1000 opportunity. This is a travel business promoted through multi level marketing. The idea is you join BonVoyage1000, for a flat fee. You then get access to “travel related products and services”.

Fine. But the main reason to join is that you can earn money through a “Membership Loyalty Rewards Program”. So really it’s a sort of business opportunity. And this is where the thousand dollar cycle strategy comes in. Essentially, you get money through referrals. Like a pyramid, or whatever you want to call it… a “CONE” or something.

I don’t particularly like the idea. Personally. I don’t believe in automated profit opportunities, and while there’s clearly a product at the heart of this, I think that people joining though unsolicited emails like I got will NOT make money.

Depressingly, if you research this opportunity you find blogs pretending to offer “a brutally honest” review. At first glance they appear to slag off the opportunity but in fact they’re subtly promoting the same company.

Check this out, for instance – this is supposed to be a harsh negative criticism of Thousand Dollar Cycles:

Con #2 – Their main selling point is, you only have to sign up 2 people and you can make $1000 commissions for a lifetime. They barely even mention the value of the product, and the site is blanketed with big bold “join now”, “lock in your spot” and “your timing is critical” statements. Those are called scarcity tactics, and anyone who has been in this industry knows that whenever you see statements like that, you RUN! Whenever scarcity is used that much to persuade you to join someone, their probably not worth joining.

Don’t get me wrong, timing is important in BonVoyage1000. You can make a ton of money from “spill-over” if you join the right team at the right time, but that should not be the main selling point for the business. Anyone can say, “you will make money if you join my team,” and the Thousand Dollar Cycles system proves that.

See what they did? They attack Thousand Dollar Cycles for its sales pitch…. but then turn the same negative point around to ‘prove’ the Bon Voyage system makes money.  But they’re both part of the same company!

It’s quite clever really. And I would congratulate the blogger for his sneaky skills… except HE DOESN’T EXIST!

You see, I saw about ten “independent” blogs doing their “brutally honest review” thing…. all using word-for-word THE SAME COPY! So I conclude that this was written by the people behind the scheme and sent out to all affiliates as part of the package.

Because of these concerns, I’d be very wary about joining this one.

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