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Published on February 23rd, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Total Football Trading – SES Trading

Review: Total Football Trading – SES Trading Tom Wake
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The first ClickBank system I’ve seen in ages that’s actually worth shouting about

Normally when I hear the word ClickBank my mind drifts off into a world of ludicrous profit claims and hastily cobbled together non-systems.

There is (and please excuse my French) a lot of crap on there. In fact I’d say almost 90% of ClickBank products are useless. It’s rare to find one worth its salt.

Total Football Trading is in the winning 10%.

I get a lot of emails from Insider’s Edge readers asking if there are any decent lower priced systems out there that actually work.

Many of the best trading and betting systems that appear on the market are at least £200+. Sadly good support and honest tipsters don’t come cheap…

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by this very clever little online trading system. It punches well above its weight considering it’s a fraction of the price of similar programmes.

I bought a copy a couple of weeks back to review for Insider’s Edge and I’m seriously impressed with it.

Total Football Trading - SES Trading

At last something genuinely decent on ClickBank

You can often use these clever little strategies to pluck guaranteed profits ‘trading’ football on Betfair…

Football, trading, Betfair… WHAAAAAAT?!

Ok let me give you an example of how this can work.

Manchester United are playing Blackburn. You place certain bets during (or in some cases before) the game to engineer a situation whereby win, lose or draw you walk away with profit.

I can’t say too much without giving some of the strategies away but usually it’s a case of responding to a special trigger event.

If you’re at all into football (or trading for that matter) this is definitely worth taking a look at – and even if you’re not, the genuine profit potential with this one might well make it worth pretending that you do.

You can find more details here

When you see a “green screen” it means you’ve made money, whatever happens in the game

Trading on Betfair is a great, often overlooked way to make money online. It’s far less luck based than betting with a straightforward win or place bets and often with a bit of dexterity you can turn a profit regardless of the outcome.

Honestly it feels like magic the first time you get it right. I got a bit obsessed trading live games on Betfair last year (betting back and forth while they’re happening).

I didn’t have a proper strategy to begin with but still managed to make a few hundred quid on the tennis. I then promptly invested the money in a holiday, like any sensible saver.

The problem with Betfair trading (or any trading for that matter) is that can be quite stressful if, like I did, you go in blind and tinker around without any proper strategy. I gave up on it at the time precisely for that reason.

That’s why I’m really impressed by Total Football Trading from SES Trading. It gives you solid, structured nonsense strategies to help you get it right.

Here’s what you get with this…

You get 10 different strategies you can use. That might sound intimidating but frankly the best advice I can give here is to focus on just one or two to begin with.

My favourite so far is called the Bosman method, partly because it’s easy to ‘get’ and also because it’s low risk. I’m sure as I progress through them all I’ll find a new favourite – but I’m sticking with this one for the time being.

Read through the strategies and follow them to the letter and I really think you can make decent money following this. Not enough for a solid gold butler but a few quid here and there – particularly on the weekends.

There’s also a support forum which is buzzing with useful info and help.

What Total Football Trading System isn’t

It’s not a tipping service or an automated bot (thank god). This is a ‘teach you to fish’ set of strategies. Of the 10 strategies some are more original than others but all are clearly expressed and should see you making a decent return.

As I said, it would help if you’ve got some interest in football (and to be honest you’ll find it more fun) but they do show you how to tap into the right resources if not.

In terms of start bank, that’s a tricky one. I think you could comfortably get by on £200 while you build your confidence up, but because Betfair let you place £2 stakes you could get cracking on much less. Paper trade until you find your comfort zone.

This is definitely a ‘recommended’ from me. The added bonus is that because it’s a ClickBank product you can give it a whirl safe in the knowledge that you can get a refund easily if it’s not your cup of Earl Grey.

Total Football Trading

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