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Published on May 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Ultimate FX Predictor – Keith Coterill, Canonbury Publishing

by Charlie Wright

This is a superb trading service, and here’s why:

•     The Ultimate FX Predictoris by experienced professional Keith Cotterill, a guy who brings out consistently good trading systems. You will know this from my previous ‘thumbs up’ reviews of his stuff. I absolutely trust this guy and I’ve seen the package for myself. Very user friendly.
•     It’s for currency trading newcomers as well as more experienced Forex traders. It doesn’t involve complex charts. No signals to interpret. You turn on software and wait for the alarm to signal that the trade is on.
•    You can trade any time, in the morning, lunchtime or evening. Whenever you have a few minutes spare time.
•      The system gives you an entry point, exit point and stop loss. It also monitors the trade while it’s in progress.
•     The target is to make potential £110 to £275 each week with SMALL stakes of £1 – £2.50. That’s not to say the more daring couldn’t go higher and bring in £1,100 plus a week.  As you’ll see, testimonials from real home traders will back this up.

I realise you want to know if people are trying this with success. Fair enough.

I know the publishers at Canonbury.  So I called them and asked them to send me all the latest testimonials.

These are genuine replies. I’ve seen the original emails. And no, they aren’t the comments from the early testing period, or from the promotional material.

They’re from people using this system since it launched a few weeks ago.

“Just a quick email to share with you my weekly profits as promised – 146 pips! Not bad seeing as though this seemed like a rather slow and unpredictable week! I would have made another 86 pips this afternoon but I fell asleep on the couch and missed the signal!! Oh well there’s always next time!” Gareth Williams

“The recent launch of TUFXP has led us into a completely new experience and the sheer simplicity of the system is giving us yet more confidence that we can make money consistently in the future . . .How often are we told that all the best ideas are simple?  This course is unbelievable in its simplicity and yet the potential for “making a few quid” is mind blowing.”
Bernard and Rosemary Pickup

‘151 pips total using the system for only a few hours over 4 days!’  WH

“My conservative trading approach has overcome me again and I have been closing trades a little early but still managed to make 84 pips just trading 8-11am. In fact on Monday and Thursday I was finished for the day by 9am – perfect!” Mike Holwill

There’s plenty more information and feedback on the website.

My best advice is to take this home for 30-days. Don’t be frightened to do this. The guarantee is 100% trustworthy, so you won’t be left begging for a refund, or worrying that you’ll have to prove anything.

If you decide not to continue after a month, you will get what you paid for this returned in full.

You will get sent your first alert within 24-hours. This means you can start testing Keith’s system immediately.

I’ve had lots of great comments about Keith Cotterill’s  Ultimate Forex Predictor on the forum (if you haven’t seen this yet, you can access this through my website).

One of the forum users – codename Accountant26 – emailed me to say:

“It is amazing how TUFXP has dominated since you started. I use this system.  It took time to find settings that suited me, but now I have, I am finally making a weekly profit.”

And on the forum he adds:

“I feel TUFXP is a very useful tool to have in your trading portfolio and is quite capable of producing a reasonable income stream without too much effort, if you can get the settings that suit your working day.”

And another forum user – codename Dalzol  – says: “As you get more experienced you can make better judgements over which way the price is heading. Keith’s course has most of the tools and his daily overviews give you the rest. I have only been trading TXFP a few months but it really is all coming together for me now and I am far more comfortable letting a trade ‘breathe’ a little than I used to be.”

Highly recommended

Update: This product is not taking new candidates at the moment.

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