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Published on August 23rd, 2009 | by Tom Wake


Review: The Ultimate Secret

by Charlie Wright

When I first read through the promotional site and saw this:

“Small Stakes, Virtually Certain Odds and Big Payouts No Matter What Place Your ‘Gee-Gee’ Finishes in Just by Following Simple Instructions!”

I assumed it was a betting system related to horses, laying or something similar. But it’s not. The idea of this system is that you place two bets on the Forex market. One for the market to go up and the other for the market to go down, Or in other words you place both a buy and sell order at the same time.

Or as a Biz Opp Jungle forum user puts it:

“If the price goes up exit the sell trade @ -50 pips if it goes down exit the buy @ -50 pips then enter a trailing stop of 10 pips when the trade overall is 10 pips in profit and just hope the remaining trade continues trending.”

In other words they’re presuming that when the market moves it will do so in a straight line all the way up, or down.

This type of Forex betting is popular and worth a look if you’re into home trading. To help protect your position, there’s a target level and a stop loss. A reader who has ordered this and read it through says:

“I won’t go into full detail but I believe that it has the potential to generate good, regular returns. It does rely heavily on a 100% reliable internet connection – and I haven’t got one! I paid £177 for the package and as usual, Streetwise refunded my money without question. I have traded with Streetwise for many years and always found them to be brilliant with refunds.”

However one user thinks they’ve spotted a flaw:

“Markets invariably do not go straight up or straight down and what tends to happen is that the price goes up (for example) and the stop loss on the down bet gets triggered (so you lose 50 points). Then the price reverses before your target is hit and you lose another 50 points as the stop loss for the up bet is triggered on the way down, making a nice little 100 point loss.”

However, my view is that people who find success with these trading systems often tweak and adapt them using experience. It depends how willing you are to use the system a springboard for your own trading adventures.

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