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Published on November 21st, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Vemma Builder

Vemma Builder is a company that offers you the chance to sell liquid multivitamin and mineral supplements. Now this is attractive, because these sorts of products have always done well.

It’s a multi-level marketing opportunity where your aim is to attract more leads who will then sell on the product to other leads. One online Vemma user says:

“Good parent company (New Vision) with good leadership.  Binary pay plan – not to my liking but some folks swear by them.  I think using the web as a presentation model is fine.”

And this is true. MLM is an established method of marketing a product by getting thousands of ordinary people involved in pushing the product. Saying that I don’t know anyone who makes a lot of money from these MLMs, except people who run them…. or people who have large lists of people into which they can sell on the opportunity.

Neither I nor any of the people I’ve done health products with use this method of promoting wars. But maybe that’s just me. Another Vemma person agrees with me:

“These down-line building systems look great on paper but seldom deliver.  They sound duplicable, but they aren’t. To use them successfully you have to be able to drive a huge amount of traffic to your site – that means you know how to do that or buy thousands of leads weekly and monthly.”

I came across an online user who has had more success.

“I’m in Vemma, it is a great company. The product just got mentioned in May edition of Esquire magazine…”However, they add “I would not try this unless you have lots of money to invest in leads. It does work, but takes time and money.”

This makes sense to me. In my view, if you’re an internet marketer or has lots of ‘leads’ (email addresses of people who buy stuff) this could be an instant goer. If not, but you’re willing to put time and effort into finding ways to drive traffic and new leads to your site, then this could be for you.

Otherwise, I advise caution. There may be some easier ways of earning a second income than cruising on the back of an MLM…

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