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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: What Really Wins Money – Clive Keeling

What Really Wins Money - Clive Keeling - ReviewWhat Really Wins Money is a betting review service that analyses all the latest betting tipsters, systems and strategies. As well as reviews, you get details of systems Clive has adapted and developed himself.

Some feedback on these systems includes:

“Thank you for your fabulous publication. I have managed to increase my initial starting bank from £100 to £170 in 14 days using techniques from your February issue. Please keep the goods coming!” Karl Stewart

“I received WRWM midweek and I have made over £400 profit [in just 4 days!” Fred Margrave

“May I say what an excellent publication and well worth the money charged. I’m having great fun with several of the systems you’ve identified and recommended and more importantly I’m in profit by about £700 to date!” Glen Foster

When you join you also get a free book called the Payback Report. This reveals details of the best and worst tipsters in the UK right now. It names and shames the liars. It probes the results. It reviews the system. And generally it gives you the lowdown.

Here’s some of the stuff you’ll see in there….

·         Discover which system could have made you £2,337.29 in 3 months… £3,776.71 after 6 months… and £48,145 after 36 months?

·         A £21K scam alert. If you’ve got a letter through the post from this guy, bin it. He’s been PROVEN to be a scamster by Hereford Council. He offers you a “guaranteed” profit of £21,000 for just £40. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is.

·         The mail shot that charges you £297 for a horse racing system which WILL FAIL.

·         A 76% strike rate that actually checks out. This service clocked up 2,853 winners from LOSING horses. They picked 890 losers and the strike rate comes out at 76%.

·         Revealed! The FASTEST way to LOSE £2K – this tipster demands £2,000 for “guaranteed” winners that simply won’t win. In fact, you’ll be lucky to receive anything from him at all, and even luckier to get a refund.

·         An easy-to-follow strategy which even the most novice racing punter can turn into profit. This year it could have made you 15.90 points in January,14.18 points in February, 22.92 points in March and 21.18 points in April.

·         The company that consistently LOSES you money and NEVER gives refunds. They’ll ignore your emails. They’ll lie and make excuses. They’ll do anything they can to hold onto your cash. And then they’ll STILL send you reams of junk mail for their shoddy products.

·         The ‘hard to beat’ blueprint, which has made a 22% return in only 16 days, using £10 stakes (10% of a £100 betting bank) and which continues to make me good money, month in, month out.

·         Beware this dodgy betting club. They offer to put bets on your behalf, with stakes from £200 to £20,000. But they aren’t even betting with your money! And when the cash runs out, they’ve got a sneaky method of taking even more off you

·         System Surgery: a simple way to turn a completely useless handicap backing strategy into a winning lay system (and do it FAST).

·         The FAKE who asks you to RISK your hard-earned £1,000 on a long shot! Why this renowned tipster isn’t who he says he is. Worse, he says that he could have made his clients £21,200 from 3 winning bets… failing to tell you that to make this you would have to risk £1K on a bet TO WIN ONLY! Your chances of winning even one of the 3 bets are slim to none.

You can claim a copy for absolutely nothing. The only thing you need to do in return is take a trial of What Really Wins Mooney. This trial is completely without risk. You get a 12 months trial. If at any time you decide the info hasn’t helped you, Canonbury will give you full, no-quibble refund.

Whatever you decide, the Payback Report is yours to keep. It’s well worth a look, especially if you’re thinking of spending money on a betting system right now.

Click here to get the Payback Report

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