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Published on December 19th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Winning Colours Alert by John Hamer

by Charlie Wright

This comes from the same stable as the popular Pegasus Racing Club. The aim of this new service is clear: the aim is to grow a £1,200 betting bank to £9,578 using only 1% returns each day.

If you’re sceptical, scroll to half way down the sales promotion, linked below. You’ll see all the results of The Winning Colours Alert. That includes every single bet made in 2009.

It’s well known that favourites win around 30% of the time. So what John Hamer has been quietly doing for the past 2 years is working out how to spot those favourites with the clear edge and somehow systemise this.

The rewards for following favourites are ludicrously low – like I say, the aim is to invest your stakes for 1% a day – but a bit of compounding could help you grow your starting bank slowly over the year.

The difference between John’s previous system and this is that you look for the top 3 favourites. You bet on pre-selected races on one day until you hit a win.

The idea is that you get email between 10:00am and 11:30am containing his instructions. You place your bets straight away, approximately 15 minutes of effort.

Because you’re looking to make very small gains, you do need a large-ish betting bank to kick off with – that means at least £1K. With that amount as starting bank they aim to make you £7,798 profit in year 1, £31,798 in year 2 and £55,798 in 3 years.

You’ll need to be able to access the live betting market for about 5-10 minutes, but also occasionally 2 or 3 and 5-minute slots throughout the afternoon.

Finally, you need a healthy dollop of patience. It’s not a “hit ‘n’ hope for a jackpot” affair. It’s a case of carefully reinvesting your stake for minor rewards, at first anyway.

The first testers have been impressed:

“I’ve almost doubled my trading account. It’s simple to use, easy to follow and profitable! What more can I ask for?!”
Mr P.L. Devon

“It’s a slow-burn designed system, winning consistent steady profits and not a get rich quick one that doesn’t live up to its promises. The support system is excellent, nothing to be improved upon.”
Mr. B. McKee

“Winning Colours Alert is simple and easy to operate and understand and after the first day or two one can see it makes sense. No issues and the system has performed well.”
Mr T. Nolan

But if your skeptical drawbridge is still raised high… and yet you’re still intrigued… then you should put The Winning Colours Alert to the test. Give it a run for its money.

You get a 30-day trial – totally unconditional, the usual reliable assurances from Canonbury, who you’ll know are as good as their word.

This product is no longer available. Why not try Price Equalisation Method (PEM) by Andrew David?

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