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Review: The Banker – Zero Hype

the banker - zero hypeThe low down on ‘The Banker’ from Alex Cole (and the Zero Hype team)

I have been trialling this service now for 6 weeks now – I have to say with great success.

The Banker is a tipping service that focusses on Win selections. It works like this. You get an email each morning, usually before 9am, with the day’s selections which you place online with the bookmaker or a betting exchange of your choice – such as Betfair.

Most days there is just the one tip, though occasionally there are 2 (and in rare cases 3). If Alex doesn’t like the look of any of the horses or weather/ground on any given day he’ll have it as a ‘no bet’ day.

I think this is the first service I’ve come across that genuinely takes me less than a minute each day to run.

Whenever I’ve logged into my computer in the morning the email’s always been there and I’ve found placing a bet takes me about 30 seconds – especially as it’s usually only one horse. In this sense this is ideal for newbies or anyone who might find it difficult to take time out from their job.

You can see how the service has been perfoming on the signup page here. Now I was lucky enough to start trialling this in September (when the service hit a very nice run of 14 wins) so my bank is looking very much healthier. I’ve been betting with £10 stakes at the moment but may look to increase that if this success continues.

I’m definitely carrying on with this one for the long term, no least because they’re offering a watertight double guarantee. You get 30 days to see how it all works and on top of that there’s a proit promise. If the Banker service doens’t perform and the selections don’t make at least 30% over the next 6 months, you automatically get a refund.


– Literally takes less than a minute or two each day to run
– Excellent customer support – I’ve also had emails answered very quickly
– Profits are scalable and if you’re starting with a larger bank you can bet on the same horse to place as well as to win


– You do need to use a bookmaker or a betting exchange for this (obviously not everyone’s cup of tea)
– While this service has a very reliable track record the profit gains aren’t sky. This is more get rich slowly than get rich quick.

Top Tip:

– If you’re comfortable using bookmakers (and their ‘best odds guarantee’ facility) you should be able to make significantly more than the advertised profits as they record all their results to the Betfair start price, which is often lower.


You can get on a 30 day risk-free trial/6 month profit trial here:

The Banker – Zero Hype


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