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Published on November 6th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


The Sporting Investor – Oscar Brown

oscar-brown-sports-investorI’ve been receiving this email for about 2 weeks now…

I simply cannot give this a positive review based on the following fact: I have never signed up to or subscribed to any product or email service run by ‘Oscar Brown’ or ‘The Sports Investor’.

For this reason I consider this to be spam.

So what does the email contain?

The emails, which come most days (sometimes several times) contain Oscar’s horse racing tips. There are normally 4 bets in each blast and these are almost always “each way” bets.

I assume he has some sort of deal with Betfred as there is a link to their website on each bulletin.

In amongst the tips he also sends out promotional emails trying to push you to sign up to his “Oscar Brown Daily Lucky15 Bet” service which is £29 for the year. When you click on the link no further information is given about the service. There’s no track record, no further info and no contact details – just a PayPal payment page.

On the basis that these emails are completely unsolicited, that they use shouty CAPS LOCKS, enormous fonts and eye punishing colours (which make me feel like I’m wading through a paint factory accident) I’m giving this one a predictable…

Not Recommended

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