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Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Tom Wake


The truth about Hourly Rev Share…

The truth about Hourly Rev Share… Tom Wake
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Hourly Rev Share is getting a great deal of buzz online at the moment. Do a Google search and you’ll get pages and pages of glowing reviews and testimonials. But what’s the truth behind this latest biz opp and should you believe the hype?

Exposing online Ponzi schemes has been a bit of an Insider’s Edge crusade of late.

The good news is that lifting up the rocks and identifying these scams is getting easier and easier.

Why? Because they all seem to be following an identikit business model.

Here’s how it works (they tend to follow this 7 step plan):

Review Hourly Rev Share

1) Set up a fancy looking website. Make sure you include plenty of pictures of smiling stock photo models with prize-winning teeth.

2) Invent a spurious (yet vaguely plausible) cover story that involves online advertising/affiliate marketing. Bonus points for coming up with pompous, meaningless terms like “Straightline Cycler Doubler”.

3) Invite users to invest in some sort of package deal. The more convoluted and ridiculous the better: ad packs, coloured panels… magic beans – anything will do.

4) Pay out a few quid to early adopters so that they spread the good word. Start slowing down the frequency of payments over time to reel in the profits, while keeping the illusion of stability alive.

5) When the money starts to dry up (because no real, tangible business actually exists) invent a flurry of technical hitches, mishaps and payment problems to stave off the bad press for as long as possible.

6) When it explodes closedown/rename the programme.

7) Start again.

The really clever thing about these Ponzi schemes is that some people do get paid at the start.

Why is that so clever?

Well it means that these people then become extremely vocal champions. They all go online telling everyone how much money they’ve made and how genuine, wonderful and life changing the scheme is.

This makes it extremely confusing for ordinary folk (from the outside looking in) to make an informed decision when all they can hear is this positive noise.

There’s another clever angle to this…

It’s the ‘gagging’ clause.

Members of schemes like Hourly Rev Share, Banner’s Broker or Profit Clicking who dare to bad mouth them online will usually have their accounts terminated and all their funds removed.

Yup, no questions no reprieves, all your money gone – do not pass go.

So at any one time you can have an army of pissed off punters with money tied up in their account that hasn’t been released who are too afraid to say anything online about their experiences in case they lose everything. So all we hear are the fake positives.

Clever isn’t it?

But I’m going off tangent, let’s talk about Hourly Rev Share specifically.

What about Hourly Rev Share, is it a scam?

I would be delighted to hear evidence to the contrary on this, but I personally have no doubt whatsoever that Hourly Rev Share is another Ponzi scheme. This will not make you money in the long term unless you were one of the first people on board.

PLEASE do not touch it with a barge pole.

Let’s start by looking at how Hourly Rev Share works. To actually get onto their website you have to enter a captcha image like this:


When was the last time you had to fill in one of these before you’d even entered a website?

I personally find that about as reassuring as a high five from Captain Hook.

Once you’re in this is what we’re told on their ‘How does it work’ page:

Hourly Rev Share How It Works


Again, reassuring isn’t it?

Let’s assume that’s a short-term blip, that they’re doing a redesign. The truth is we don’t need to see what’s on this page because they’ve posted elsewhere how it works on other pages on the website.

Here’s what it says on their FAQ page…

“HourlyRevShare™ is an internet advertising program. We offer our members the opportunity to advertise their referral or affiliate banners and text ads. Any member who makes a qualifying purchase of one of our Advertising Plans is entitled to rebates under the rules of our Profit Sharing program.”

It goes on to say…

For every Ad Pack you purchase, you will receive rebates for up to 30 days, before it expires. Whenever you make a withdrawal request from your Rebates Balance, 30% of your withdrawal total goes into your Credits Bank, which you can use to buy more Ad Packs and keep your ads constantly running. This balance cannot be withdrawn.

The remaining 70% (less a 3% withdrawal fee) is sent to your external payment processor account. Our 30% repurchase policy is to ensure the long-term sustainability of this program. For example, when you withdraw $100, $30 will automatically go to your Credits Bank and $70 is available for withdrawal. All withdrawals from your Rebates Balance currently attract a 3% withdrawal fee, which is subject to change at the Admin’s discretion.

We have 3 different plans; rebates are credited to your Rebates Balance approx. every hour, according to the plan you purchased.”

If you managed to stay awake through the italics well done. Does all this sound a bit familiar?

Schemes like this need layer upon layer of fogged glass to misdirect users and shout down naysayers.

You can imagine a conversation like this:

“Why haven’t I been paid?”

“Well sir, that’s because these funds are in your Credit Bank which can only be used to buy more Ad Packs. You’re minimum balance in your rebate balance must be at least $50 before you can withdraw and you must use one of our approved payment methods”.


“Rebates, Ad Packs, Cash Funnels, Mars Voyager… whirrr… splutter… whizz… pop” *BANG*

I won’t waste any more space on this. This whole business model doesn’t exist because it cannot exist. Advertisers and Affiliates do not need anonymous brokers buying ad packs and goodness knows what else. All of this stuff is just spin.

Please read this article if you want to know why this insane advertiser/affiliate marketer online broker model is nothing more than a digital wolf in a digital sheep’s clothing.


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