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Published on November 23rd, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Toby Unwin / James Sheridan: One Deal From Retirement

Yes, here’s another buy-to-let property opportunity. When I see these things I feel like I’m watching a Sunday evening repeat of Only Fools and Horses.

But there’s a difference to One Deal From Retirement. It’s all about buying and selling COMMERCIAL property. And it comes from James Sheridan, who is a replutable guy in the biz opp world. So it’s worth a look…

First up, the bad news…

There’s a misleading edge to the promise of this promotion, (isn’t this too often the case?) You’re not one deal from retirement, but probably FIVE deals from retirement. What’s more the product is made for the American market.

But don’t let this put you off.

Buying commercial property is a good strategy and easily applied to the UK. While most ‘no money down’ property opps are a load of old tosh, you can actually do a no-money down deal with a commercial property seller.

You can even get the seller of the property to finance part of the deal!
All of this is in the One Deal from Retirement course, which comes as a package of DVD/videos, workbook and Deal Maker Pro software.

In the DVDs, you meet Toby Unwin, who looks a bit young to trust at first, but comes out with masses of slick, detailed info. The software is there to help you assess property and finance deals. You punch in the numbers and it tells you whether the deal is a goer.

Like I say, you’ll need to make a few commercial property deals before you build your Spanish swimming pool and spend the rest of your life in a pair of Speedos… but it’s good stuff.

If you can’t handle the American slant, then there’s a 30-day refund guarantee – EVEN if you’ve watched all the DVDs and used the software.

I wouldn’t encourage you to simply grab what you can in 30 days and send it back, so it’s all for free. But the possibility is there… nudge nudge… you-know-what-I-mean…

(I’m joking, Mr Unwin!)

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