3 great financial resources for students

student finance resources

student finance resourcesHere’s something for student Edgers (or anyone with a friend, relative or neighbour in the world of studentdom).

Keeping control of your finances can be brow-sweatingly hard when you’re in fulltime study, especially as student fees have soared over recent years.

In fact figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development show that we’re now ranked third highest in the world for student fees behind the USA and Korea. Scary stuff.

It’s not all bad news…

The figures also show that the majority of University leavers are likely to earn that money back through increased earnings potential. Nonetheless student debt is a serious issue.

Whereas 10 years ago students were leaving University with £5,000, £10,000 or £15,000 debt in 2012 the average debt is likely to hit a whopping £53,000 this year.

Here are 3 great resources which could help you keep your student finances under control:

Future Students – This is a surprisingly clear and engaging website provided by the government. You get the basic need-to-know information about student finance – including estimated costs, different avenues you can go down for funding as well as a repayment calculator. This is a good, uncluttered first port of call.

Student Cashpoint – This is a cracking resource that’s been setup to help students find funding to cover their fees. You can easily navigate different student grants, bursaries and schemes on offer. They also include guides, additional resources and a free ‘Grant Alert’ service.

Student Beans – This site lists all the latest offers, discounts and student deals – and there’s a lot of them. You can find 2 for 1 restaurant vouchers, cinema offers and range of entertainment deals. They also offer money saving tips and advice as well as a handy jobs posting board.

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  1. Do you possibly know if there are any loans available to UK residents studying abroad?
    I study at a uni in Poland and my parents have to basically pay the fees (about £10k) themselves. Any sort of loan would save my life. I looked everywhere and asked other uk students about it too but no one knows anything. There must be something, if you came across anything like that I’d be glad to know. Thanks

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