How to get holiday baggage couriered to your hotel

Send My BagThere’s now a new way to get your luggage from A to B. This door-to-door delivery service insures and sends your baggage to virtually any destination

Imagine if the next time you went away on holiday you didn’t have to take any luggage with you… if you could simply hop on the plane and find your bags waiting for you at the hotel when you arrive. A new service has been set up offering just that. They’re called Send My Bag and you can see their website here: Send My Bag

(Read on to find out how you can get a 5% discount on your first order).

5 reasons why you might benefit from using a door-to-door luggage delivery service

Frankly this won’t be for everyone and if you want to save money, the best thing to do if you’re using a budget European airline (such as Ryan Air or Easy Jet), is to squeeze everything you need into hand luggage. That way you won’t be billed for any additional baggage by the airline.

However, if you are…

– Going away for an extended break
– Taking sports or camping equipment
– Bringing presents for family or friends
– Suffering from back trouble/physical pain/fatigue
– Fancy treating yourself to a hassle free journey

… then this is well worth taking a look at.

They’ll pick up your heavy bags from your house and take them directly to your address for you. It’s a bit like a FedEx service but for GIANT packages.

Obviously the cost of sending your baggage depends on where you’re sending it to. Popular budget airline destinations are cheapest and as the company expands, prices for other destinations will no doubt come down.

Here are some sample prices (correct at the time of writing):

UK to Spain – £29 for 20kg (£30 for 30kgs)
UK to Italy – £29 for 20kg (£30 for 30kgs)
UK to USA – £69 for 15kg (£79 for 25kgs)
UK to Australia – £118 for 15kg (£161 for 25kgs)

You can also send bags across the UK… £15.79 for 20kg (£15.89 for 30kgs) which is a great deal. It’s significantly better value than most courier services for sending heavy items – who says you have to be on holiday! If you’re desperately trying to send your baggage somewhere a bit more exotic it’s less good news. Delivery of a 25kg bag to Namibia, Tuvalu or Montserrat will set you back £249.

Here’s how the service works:

1. Sign up here using this link: (If it’s your first order you’ll get 5% off using this referral link)
2. Follow the onscreen instructions.
3. Make sure you (or someone you trust) is available to let the courier collect your luggage between 9am – 6pm on the agreed date.

Once your luggage is with Send My Bag you can track its progress on their website. Just enter your Tracking ID in the top left of the screen.

Budget airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet delight in charging us a premium to take hold luggage on flights. You get all the hassles of checking in luggage and you have to pay for the privilege – Send My Bag offer an elegant solution.

As I said if budget is your number one priority, then your best bet is still to take hand luggage OR to choose the ‘Hold Baggage’ option at the time of booking your flight. However… incredibly Send My Bag is actually cheaper for many destinations than turning up at the airport and paying last minute to put a bag in hold baggage (where you’re often forced to pay £30 or £40). Send My Bag gets 5 stars for convenience. This is a clever service and deserves to do well.

Don’t forget you can get 5% off your first order when you sign up using this link.

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