How to save an extra 5% – 25% on virtually any item you can find on Amazon

How to use Flubbit to save money online

How to use Flubbit to save money onlineThere’s a fantastic tool called ‘Flubit’ that can save you money on virtually any item that can be bought on Amazon

This is perfect if you’re stocking up on Christmas gifts, birthday presents or buying for yourself.

All you have to do is…

1. Take the cheapest price you’ve found so far on Amazon

2. Copy the URL (this is the address in the top of your browser) for the product

3. Paste it into Flubit’s website

That’s it, they try and beat the price for you within 48 hours.

You’re sent an email once the offer is ready and if you’re happy with the saving you can go ahead and order it via PayPal.

(Just to warn international readers, this service is currently only available in the UK).

I’ve tried really hard to find a downside or flaw with this free service and so far I’m completely stumped.

Flubit is the brainchild of a young chap called Bertie Stephens a 26 year old graduate from London’s South Bank university.

You can see it here: Flubit

How to save money with flubit

I’ve used it and I have to say it’s brilliant. They claim they’re able to find users a better price 90% of the time, which is pretty impressive, and so far my experience confirms that. I’ve made 3 requests and all of them have been cheaper, ranging from 5% to around 15%. Several users have reported getting significantly larger discounts of 20 – 25% on some items.

The transaction was painless. They give you a couple of delivery options and then you pay through Paypal. In my case I didn’t have to use their customer service because the item arrived on time, but I’ve read nothing but glowing reviews for their support.

3 tips to help you get the most out of Flubit and save the maximum amount of money

It’s a pretty straightforward service but there are a few things worth bearing in mind if you want to make the best savings.

1. Make sure you scour the Internet for the cheapest possible deal first

You’ll get the most out of it that way. Flubit’s aim is to beat the cheapest price that you can find so make sure you give it to them! Want tips on how to do that?

Check out both of these articles:

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– How to automatically get the cheapest price when you shop online

2. Plan in advance if you need your item by a certain date

Flubit takes 48 hours to make an offer which shouldn’t be a problem for most people (remember you’ll need to allow for delivery too). However, if you need something right this minute then bear that in mind and start your search earlier so that you’re not panicking about it arriving in time. It’s not really for impulse buys.

3. Know its limitations

Flubit can try and beat offers on a wide range of products but there are certain items that it can’t help you with including…

–       Tickets, mobile phone contracts, second hand goods

–       Downloads, information products, reservations or bookings

–       Illegal items, coupons, lottery tickets, alcohol, food

There are more ‘prohibited’ items listed on their website – but it’s nothing you wouldn’t expect.

This service is for physical items like printers, perfume, CDs, cameras, day-to-day essentials, TVs – most things you can think of. If you’re after an ivory plated rocket launcher that shoots out giant balls of pure cocaine, then it’s probably not the site for you.

How do Flubit make money?

That’s a very good question because the service almost seems miraculous.

The reason they’re able to make money is because like all good online businesses they cut out some of the middle men. You make the demand on their website and they go direct to the merchants to undercut the price – so you’re not getting hit with all the storage costs and goodness knows what else that other online retailers lump in. Their cut is via a ‘micro commission’ from these merchants.

I’m completely addicted to this so it comes highly recommended.

Have you used Flubit? How did you get on? Leave a comment below.

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