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Published on March 15th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Scam: Your video on the TOP of YouTube

youtube logoHere’s another scam to watch out for – especially if you’ve got a YouTube account. I’ve had a few people specifically asking about this one.

It’s an email from a sender called:

YouTube Service

The subject line is:

YouTube Service sent you a message: Your video on the TOP of YouTube

I can see why it’s caused a bit of a panic. The body of the email all looks kosher. It has the YouTube logo, your email address and a link which looks like it goes through to a YouTube page…

Alas it doesn’t go through to a YouTube page – it’s a masked link which and takes you somewhere completely different. I’ve seen many different versions of this email – some take you through to a dodgy pharmaceutical website others to a seemingly dead link almost certainly designed to swipe personal details off you.


This is a particularly nasty one because it bypasses the spam filters very effectively. These toerags are getting better and better and looking like the ‘real thing’.

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