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Bonus Bagging Approved
“Bonus Bagging made me £573 profit in 5 weeks”

Beta Tester Review

By Sophie, for Insider’s Edge

I had never placed a bet online before and was really impressed with my first experience of Bonus Bagging.

After registering and reading the welcome pack I requested my first bet at 10:50pm (the service is available until 11pm at night) and got a response from Mike within 5 minutes which I wasn’t expecting. Good start!

I placed the bets he suggested using the instructions he outlined in the email. It was easy to set up accounts with the betting platforms and my money was deposited straight away so I was able to place the first bet immediately. Here were my results from my first week:

Bonus Bagging: Week 1

– 6 sets of bets placed.

– Total Profit for the week: £118.34

(I wanted to be able to place the figures for each day but it doesn’t quite work like that because sometimes you’re placing a bet just to get another free bet which you’ll later cash in).

Thoughts after week one: Knowing nothing about betting I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve picked this up. Mike emailed me the day after I had requested my first bet to ask how it went, which was really encouraging and a good chance to ask any questions.

I actually made a mistake on my third bet this week and accidentally placed the wrong bet on a full time result instead of a half time result. This was only my third bet and I hadn’t read the email Mike sent properly. Luckily it was easy to sort out by betting against the same thing  but it meant I lost a bit of my profit (£1.86) so my total for the day was £13.97 instead of £15.83. It was good reminder to read the email carefully.

Bonus Bagging: Week 2

– 4 sets of bets placed.

– Total Profit: £59.25

Thoughts after week two: Definitely starting to get into a routine now and finding it pretty straightforward placing bets and using the sites. I email Mike, he sends 2 bets and that’s pretty much it. I find it takes about a 2-3 minutes to place the bets now.

I can’t log on to gambling sites at work (they block them) and I was out a couple of evenings this week so I requested less bets. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit as to how quickly you request bets which suits me.

Bonus Bagging: Week 3

– 5 sets of bets placed.

– Total Profit: £96.14

Thoughts after week three: On average I have been making 4-5 bets a week. If I could access these sites at work I have no doubt I could be notching up these bonuses a lot faster. Tom said I could bet using an iPhone app but to be honest I’m quite happy just doing this as and when I remember/want to.

I have to say, what I really like about Bonus Bagging is the opportunity to fit it around my full time job. You literally place the bet and wait for the money to be credited to your account.

Bonus Bagging: Week 4

– 7 sets of bets placed

– Total Profit: £134.12

Thoughts after week four: I made another mistake this week where I bet on the same thing twice. I must have been tired and not concentrating and I didn’t notice until the next day. I checked my account and I’d actually made twice as much money because the bet had won but I would have lost my bonus money if it hadn’t. So basically I made an extra £40.72 for making a mistake. I’ve not added this to my profit total but it’s a nice added bonus!

It’s funny, I’d definitely be a rubbish gambler, I’m literally following Mike’s rules to the letter like a parrot – I haven’t heard of any of the teams I’ve bet on so far to claim the bonuses.

Bonus Bagging: Week 5

I placed 7 sets of bets

Total Profit: £165.15

Thoughts after week five: I had a couple of bonuses seem to be credited at the same time. It’s been quite hard to calculate the exact profits because as I said earlier you put some your winnings back into another bookmakers to get the next bonus. I know for certain that I’m up £573 in profit so far which I’m thrilled about. This pays a big chunk of holiday money for us and it’s really taken very little effort at all.

Total Profit over 5 weeks: £573


I’m stopping recording results now because I’ve slowed down the frequency of bets to maybe 2 a week (I really like the freedom of just being able to dip into this when I want). I’m up roughly £700 now and it’s been two months. This really is a brilliant service and I can’t thank Mike enough for his help. I would have no hesitation recommending this to others at all.

Highly Recommend

You can try Bonus Bagging risk-free here:

Bonus Bagging


4 responses to “Bonus Bagging”

  1. I have tried Bonus Bagging. It definitely works. You make money. It helps if you have never been involved with betting before because you can then open new accounts with the bookmakers and get their first time free bet offers. There is no risk involved.

    But when you have taken advantage of all the initial free bet offers then you have to wait for any ‘special’ offers periodically given by your bookmakers.

    As a quick way to earn some cash (for Christmas say) it is worth the effort.

  2. Very easy to use. I made £132.72 after just one week and enjoyed it. Agree with comments above – it’s a nice little earner for Christmas.

  3. I am working my way through the bookie list, and as others have said, it is quite easy to follow Mike’s instructions.

    What is frustrating me at the moment, is how to arrive at the real profit and loss position.

    I assume that in order to do so, you would have to include the sign up amount for each new bookie, as well as the original cost of Bonus Bagging, and the commission paid on each bet.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks for your help


    • Hi Morrice, glad, you’re getting on well with Bonus Bagging! Yes, working out your net profit in the first couple of weeks can be a bit tricky because you’ll have funds in Betfair and in the bookmaker account. Obviously you don’t want to withdraw money from each account until you’ve banked the full bonus (sometimes a bonus offer can span over a few bets). If you follow Mike’s instructions to the letter you’ll never see a ‘loss’ figure. That’s because if your bookmaker bet has lost, it means that your Betfair bet has won (if that makes sense). The easiest way to work out your net profit is to tot up what you have in the various accounts less the cost of Bonus Bagging.

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