Henry Turner’s Bet On Cards – Beta Tester Review

Henry Turner Bet on Cards

Henry Turner Bet on CardsBet on Cards – Beta Tester Review

By Paul K

Not so long ago betting on football was limited to just win, lose or draw. Nowadays bookmakers offer hundreds of different bets on your average match, ranging from ‘time of first goal scored’ to ‘number of corners’.

The latest service to survive the Testing Lab specializes in one particular area of this vast betting market and there are no prizes for guessing which one, when you see that it’s called… ‘Henry Turner’s Bet On Cards’

As the name suggests, we are looking here at the number of red and yellow cards issued during a match. The bets are very specific: “Liverpool to receive more than 2.5 yellow cards in the second half”, for example and so this service comes with its own nine page PDF manual explaining the type of bets in detail and introducing the three bookies where they will be found.

How does it work?

An email on Friday gives the weekly password to a members only website where selections are posted by 11am on Saturday and Sunday. Any midweek match selections are sent by email on the day. There is then, always plenty of time to get your bets on.

Finding the bets on the bookmaker’s site was at first a little tricky – they can offer around seventy different card bets on every match and picking the wrong one would be easy – but you soon get used to it and getting the bets on takes only a few minutes.

So how much did we make?

Over the sixty-one days of testing there were 82 bets and as explained in the manual, they are on the English, German, Spanish and Italian Premier leagues only, including a few on the Champions League. So breaking them down into the separate countries, the results look like this:

Henry Turner's Bet on Cards - Agora

(Note: Win/lose amounts are points, negative in red.)

On the face of it the totals are less than impressive but focussing on the English Premier League, there were 31 winning bets from 47, producing a profit of 11.28 points and this from just two months of testing.


This is a new service in only its second year – it turned a reasonable profit last season according to publicly tested results – and Henry Turner continues to develop his system to improve the profits from the European leagues and also to include those of France, Holland and Portugal.

In the meantime and with more than 100 Premier League matches still to play this season, perhaps the best way to use this service is to bet the English selections and paper-trade the others until their results improve.

I can’t give this a thumbs up just yet but will be interested to see if results improve – or indeed if Agora reopen this!


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