Got a stiff neck? Grab a sock… and some rice!

Ever suffered from a stiff neck?

I’ve spent most of the day making strange robot gestures to avoid any sudden twinges because of mine.

If you’ve ever suffered from the same you’ll know it’s very frustrating and can make you feel moody and irritable.

This is a great tip for if you’re ever caught out away from home. Perfect if you can’t get hold of one of those magical microwaveable heat bags.

Try pouring a couple of handfuls of white rice into a (clean!) sock. Now pop it in the microwave for a minute and a half (it may need longer depending on the size).

Take it out and make sure the sock is doubled over itself – with the rice trapped inside. Hold it on your neck for a few minutes (please remember be very careful it’s secure so that the rice doesn’t tumble out and burn you).

You should start to feel it soothing the whole area.

Socks and rice. Sounds ridiculous but it works.


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