How to really tell if someone likes you

How to tell if someone likes you

I’m not just talking about physical attraction here, although as you’ll see that does play some part. How to tell if someone likes you

I’m talking about little tics and giveaways that can give you a very good idea of whether someone thinks you’re someone they want to be around – be it in romantically, or in business or social circles.

Here are the Insider’s Edge top likeability triggers:

Put your best foot forward:

Professor Geoff Beattie, one of Britain’s leading psychologists conducted a study into feet. Specifically how we move them in different social settings. Apparently this can reveal a lot about a person’s feelings towards you:

“Whilst people might know what their facial expression or hands might be imparting, they will often have no idea whether their feet are moving or the messages their feet are sending out.”

Move over eyes. It’s the feet that are the true window to the soul.

So what should we be looking out for?

Crossing and pointing. When a woman crosses her feet, or tucks her legs under her body it’s not a good sign. However, if she points them towards you it means she’s warming to you.

Most people are aware that laughter is a good indication that someone likes you.

But there’s more…

If a woman moves her feet away from the body (and adopts an open leg posture) as she’s laughing, that’s a whopping great tick in the likeability box.

Men hail from a different planet on this point. Our feet don’t play ball here and if we’re interested in someone we start ‘peacocking’. That means chest puffed out, stomach in… even thumbs-in-belt like a cowboy.

But before we move away from feet, there’s one last thing to bear in mind – and that’s the freqency of movement. This can be a really good indicator of how comfortable we feel in someone’s presence. If a woman is nervous she’ll tend to keep her feet very still. Men do the exact opposite and start moving them around more.

Look into my eyes:

People are generally more aware of their eyes and how they can give off certain signals. The most obvious one is direct eye contact which indicates that you’re interested in someone (though hold it too long and ‘seductive’ quickly turns to ‘escapee convict’).

There are however a few less obvious signals…

– If someone is gazing at your head it’s an indication that they’re probably not interested in what your saying and are thinking of other things.

– If someone is gazing at your mouth, watch out (and pucker up!) It means they probably want to kiss you.

A slight of hand…

It’s that word again. If a man likes you he’ll ‘peacock’ and make little adjustments to his clothing (real or imaginary). It’s quite normal for a man to make a gesture as if he’s adjusting his tie, even if he’s not wearing one.

If a woman likes you she’ll tend to twist or play with bracelets, bangles or a watch on her wrist. She may simply touch her wrists from time to time as if she’s adjusting something. This a subconscious gesture which is aimed at showing off the soft skin in this area and showcasing femininity.

Now, you may be thinking HANG ON, there seem to be a few more signals overall that the girls give away. Why is that?

Well, guess what? We give off less signals! Evidence suggests that our general approach is to be more direct and er… less observant. We men have a range of about 10 different signals to a women’s 50 and apparently we’re less wired up to observe theirs.

I’m sure there’s some evolutionary sense in that setup, somewhere.

So just to recap:

* Eyes on mouth = pucker up
* Eyes on head = bored. Time to unleash your best joke (or run)
* Touching wrists/jewellery = indicates a woman is interested
* Chest out/stomach in, hands on belt = indicates a man is interested
* Jiggly feet = women interested, men nervous
* Imaginary tie adjusting = indicates a man is interested

Note to self: do not Riverdance in public while adjusting an imaginary tie.

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