Jewelry stuck on your wrist? Try opening a packet of crisps!

It’s natural for our fingers and joints to swell up from time to time, especially in this balmy weather.

It’s usually nothing to worry about and more often than not it’s to do with heat causing the blood to rush to the surface of the skin. Irritated joints (from repetitive strain and such like) can also casing swelling.

This is a tip for taking off items of jewelry or overightened wristbands that can get stuck to your wrist if your hands swell up. You can do this without bursting any blood vessels, shredding your skin to pieces, or breaking the damn thing that’s stuck there.

Here’s what to do:

Grab an empty crisp packet (bog standard, thin metallic looking ones work best for this).

Tear it down the sides so that you can unfold it length ways. You don’t need to worry about being too neat.

Now slide the crisp packet underneath the stuck item. If it’s really, really tight you might need to shimmy it up or down your wrist until you can get the crisp packet underneath it.

You want to try and get the crisp packet so that it goes all the way around your wrist, making it the sole point of contact between the object and your skin.

While holding it there try to gently try sliding the item off your wrist. You might need to twist a little to get the best angle as you’re doing this. With the crisp packet in place you’re removing most of the friction that was stopping it from budging in the first place and voila, you should be free!


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