How to survive a water shortage

Water Shortage

We expect to have access to water 24/7 – and frankly with the amount we pay for our water bills, so we should.Water Shortage

But every once in a while pipes burst, leak and get clogged so it’s best to be prepared in case of an emergency.

While you’re waiting for the problem to be fixed here are a few of things to bear in mind:

1) First off, don’t panic! There is almost certainly some water still hiding in the house. Check the kettle. The chances are they’ll still be some water in there from when you last made a cuppa. It might not be ice cold but you could decant the water and use it to brush your teeth. Think where else you might have left water. Check watering cans… cups that have been left on the side. You can also take ice cubes out of the freezer and let them melt in a bowl.

2) Yes, you can still use the toilet! One of the big panics when the water goes off is “How am I going to use the toilet?” Well, remember you should have one last flush because the tank fills up immediately after its last use. You might want to use this flush *ahem* more sparingly than usual.

On the same point, when you first discover the water’s gone in the taps, don’t make the mistake of seeing if the flush still works – you’re going to need it.

3) Your bathtub is a great place to store the ‘rescue water’. When the water truck comes round it can be hard to find containers to fill up with water… and to know where to put it all. Saucepans and buckets are your ally here. Use them to ferry large amounts of water back and forth. If you’ve got a big family you can make several trips and pour the water straight in the bathtub – for washing only (unless it’s squeaky clean).

I grew up in a leaky pipe hotspot of London and have had the good fortune to try all these tips and they work. Hopefully they’ll be of use to you should the worst happen.


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