3 unusual uses for Coca Cola

Uses for Coca Cola

Uses for Coca Cola

Coke often gets a bad press, but here are 3 lesser known uses for the fizzy black drink you may not have come across…

1. Soothe a hangover/upset stomach

The coke needs to be flat for this to work, so try and keep a bottle that’s been open for a few days in the fridge.

Take slow sips. The acid in the Coca Cola can help calm the alkali in your stomach acid. If you’re hungover the sugar in the coke can also give a much needed boost to your blood sugar level.

2. Slug pesticide

Slug lovers look away now. Coca Cola can be used as an alternative to pesticides in your garden. Leave a bowl out and when slugs and snails come to drink for it they’ll not erm… return.

3. Cleaning windows

Coke breaks down rust and is great for clearing other gunk (you can even use coke to help get rid of those black stains you can find in the bottom of old pans).

Scrub the window with a cloth soaked in coke. Make sure you wipe it away afterwards once it’s clean otherwise you’ll be left with a sticky surface.


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  2. Good tips Tom, just as well I’m not a slug lover! I’ve heard it’s absolutly brilliant for cleaning toilets.Pop some in overnight and it clears the bowl beautifully.

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