7 tips to keep your garden happy this autumn and beyond

Autumn garden tips

With summer now gone (if you ignore last weekend) I wanted to pass on some timely gardening tips that were recently sent in by two of our green fingered readers.Autumn garden tips

Thanks go to Mr and Mrs Wright for these:

1. Hang on to your autumn leaves. Keep them seperate from your compost. Once they’ve rotted they’ll make great mulch for spring weeds.

2. Don’t plant seeds when the ground is too cold. Autumn is great time of year to plant tulips, daffodils and perennials in time for spring because the soil is still warm, while moisture levels are increasing.

3. Herbs aren’t just for cooking. They’ll also help keep pests away from your fruit and vegetables.

4. Keep the lawn well watered. Summer might be over, but keeping the lawn properly watered is key to your garden’s survival over the coming months.

5. Liquid seaweed can be a great tonic for your plants. It acts as a strong fertiliser because seaweed is rich in nutrients and minerals.

6. Watch the moon! Only plant or transplant during a waxing (growing) and not a waning (shrinking) moon.

7. Pests are at their most active at twlight and very early in the morning. If your plants are under attack take a walk around your garden during these times – you’re more likely to spot the source of the problem.

BONUS TIP: “Those well-rotted leaves also make a great top dressing for any ericaceous shrubs in pots and tubs, eg. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Pieris, Acers etc.” (thanks go to Tony for this tip)


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