7 weird and wonderful uses for petroleum jelly

Petroleum Jelly Vaseline Uses

Petroleum Jelly Vaseline UsesPetroleum jelly has been called a ‘cure all’ by many of its fans because of its vast range of uses. Vaseline is probably the most popular brand over here.

Most of us use it to stave off chapped lips, but there are a number of other little known uses for this mysterious ointment.

Here are 7 of my favourites:

1. Make your aftershave or perfume last longer: Dab some Vaseline on your wrists or neck before you spray and the scent will last longer.

2. Stop your doors from creaking: Apply to the hinges of your door and it should stop it from groaning.

3. Help ‘fix up’ dry skin: Perfect for fingernail biters or anyone who suffers from dry skin or shaving rash. Rub in to the affected area to help soothe and moisturise the skin.

BONUS TIP: Ladies – put it in the freezer for 3 or 4 minutes before applying for a ‘Hollywood glow’.

4. Fix leaking pipes (temporarily)! If one of your pipes has sprung a leak and you need a temporary fix while you wait for the plumber to come round, apply a large amount to the gap and then quickly wind duct tape around it to stem the flow.

5. Got a ring stuck on your finger? Apply some Vaseline onto your finger and gently ease the ring back and forth in a twisting motion. It should now slip off without ripping your skin to shreds.

6. Stop blisters from forming: You can help prevent blisters forming by rubbing Vaseline into the area where your feet rub on the inside of your shoe. Particularly useful if you’re breaking in a new pair… or an avid runner.

7. Give your car a healthy shine: Dab a little Vaseline onto a dry, clean cloth and use it to give your car a wax. It’ll give it a nice shine and also helps stave off rust.


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