A great way to get rid of smoke smells

When I made it into my place on Monday night it stunk of bonfire and gas. The smoke was coming in from the burning cars outside.

It’s not, as you can imagine, the best of smells. In fact it got worse because the next morning it smellt strongly of bad feet – an unexpected side effect – and nothing to do with my girlfriend apparently.

Here’s a tip to get rid of smoke smells. This is especially useful if you’ve accidentally set fire to something in the kitchen and the smell just won’t go away using sprays or plugins.

– Leave out a bowl of apple vinegar cider in the affected room.
– Fill another bowl with charcoal briquettes to help absorb the odours
– Cut a large onion in two and leave the raw areas exposed. You should start noticing a different by the next morning (note: make sure you dispose of it afterwards).
– Leave out something you do like the smell of like freshly ground coffee beans, or lemon zest.
– If it’s really bad, try dusting the most severe areas with baking soda and leave it to settle for a day or two


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