How to get pesky ‘pick up only’ items on eBay delivered to your door

Shiply ReviewOne of the most frustrating things on eBay is finding an item you really want… but then seeing that its marked down as ‘pick up only’.

‘Pick up only’ means you can bid on or buy the product but should you win you’re responsible for collecting it and taking it home.

Now this is a problem for bargain hunters and eBay entrepreneurs…

Why? Because without doubt some of the very best bargains online can be found on eBay’s ‘pick up only’ listings.

There are two reasons for this:

1) Sellers often just want rid of the item and will put a very low reserve price on it.

2) Far fewer (if any) people will bid if they know they’ll have to travel to pick it up.

That bargain £5 teak dressing table loses its appeal if you know you’ve got to drive 600 miles to collect it…

Thankfully there’s a nifty company (and online tool) which takes the hassle and the stress out of ordering ‘pick up only’ items. You simply tap in the sellers postcode and your postcode and then follow a few simple steps. In less than a minute a host of delivery companies will bid on the delivery costs.

It’s called Shiply and you can see the website here:


We’ve used this several times already and have found it particularly useful for ordering large items like furniture where picking it up yourself simply wouldn’t be practical or cost effective.

You can see seller feedback for all individuals that bid on the delivery to give you peace of mind (sometimes the cheapest is not always the best!).

As I said we’ve had great success with Shiply but if you’ve come across other websites offering a similar service do let me know.

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