How to use this ‘magic’ putty to stick, glue, fix and create virtually anything

sugru the 'magic' putty

sugru the 'magic' puttyIf you’ve got two items that need sticking together… a cable that needs fixing… a device that needs waterproofing… a handle that needs extra grip… a super strong wall hook or a protective cover… then take a look at this.

This really is magic stuff.

It’s called sugru and it does all of the above and a great deal more. It might look unassuming (like fancy blu tack), but this new wonder material really is a game changing invention.

In fact I’ll go as far to say that it revolutionises DIY, crafting and home improvement.

No more messy (and dangerous) superglue, ineffective blue tack, or dodgy gaffer tape repairs

So what is it?

It’s a bit like putty, only it’s a thousand times stronger and more durable. It’s heat resistant, electrically insulating and 100% waterproof.

What you can use sugru for?

I mentioned a few general examples in the introduction to this article but here are some specific things you might use sugru for.

sugru to fix phone cable– Fixing phone chargers, laptop cables and electrical leads

I’ve had to chuck away mobile phone chargers in the past because they’ve started fraying, which is frustrating. They can be ludicrously expensive to replace, especially Apple ones.

Using a pinch of sugru I just wrapped it round the exposed area and let it set overnight and now it’s as good as new. It’s flexible like rubber and it’s electronically insulating (so it’s safe as well).

sugru being used to make wall hooks– Sticking items together and creating wall hooks

It’s worth taking a look at the YouTube clip below (near the end of this article) because it’ll give you an idea of just how strong sugru is – and the kind of materials it binds to.

As well as the practical applications of sticking A to B I’ve seen people use it to make handy and quite funky looking kitchen hooks as well.

sugru being used to make grips– Making heat resistant rubber grips and handles

This is hardy stuff. It’s worth taking a look at their ‘about’ page to see the ingenious ways people are putting sugru to use. Jim used sugru to make additional grips on his ski poles for his trek to the North Pole… Matt, a teacher, used it to fix bits of equipment together and send a camera into space (where it survived temperatures of – 50 degrees Celsius!)

It’s also heat proof which makes it perfect for use in the kitchen.

sugru for art– For art and crafting projects

This is one of the most exciting applications for sugru. Budding designers and crafters are using it to create artworks in a way which wouldn’t perhaps have been previously possible.

The possibilities are endless but I’ve seen it used to make bespoke rubber stamps… fridge magnets, jewellery, models, customise clothes, shoes and more.

How to use sugru

You literally just mould it with your hands just like you would with putty. Once you’ve taken it out of the packaging you get about 30 minutes to play around with it before it starts to set (which should be plenty of time to mould it into a shape that you’re happy with).

After that you need to leave it well alone – away from curious toddlers or inquisitive pets for 24 hours. During this time the putty will fully set, ready for use.

Here’s a clip showing it in action:

One thing to bear in mind is that when you buy sugru you need to use it within 6 – 18 months (otherwise it’ll harden and become too difficult to mould). It lasts 6 months at room temperature and 18 months if you keep it in the fridge.

Once you’ve used it and let it set, it’ll last forever. To remove it you can scrape it off using a very sharp knife.

You can pick up sugru in different sized multi packs here 

It’s worth taking a look at some of the reviews for more ideas and inspiration.

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