How to find out the crime rate in your area

check crime in your area postcode

check crime in your area postcodeHow ‘bad’ is your neighbourhood?

There’s now handy and free tool that gives you a bird’s eye view of the amount of crimes committed in your area (or any area) for any given month over the past 2 years.

All you have to do is tap in a postcode and it brings up a map overlaid with different crime types and numbers. Magic.

You can see it here: Police UK

(Please note: this free service is currently only available for addresses in England and Wales).

So why is it useful?

1. It reveals the trouble hot spots – It could help you identify which areas are safer to walk through in the evening. Handy if you or your partner work late and have to walk home in the dark… or if you’ve got kids coming home late from school. Take a look at where the ‘violent crimes’ hotspots are and plot a different route.

2. It could help you pick safer parking spaces – If you’re visiting friends or relatives the last thing you want to find is that some tyke’s smashed your windows and nicked your sat nav or stereo (or worse). If you’re not sure where a secure parking area might be you could use this to find the areas less blighted by break-ins.

3. It gives the inside scoop when buying (or renting) a house – There are a lot of things you can look at when choosing a house. You can get surveys, visit at different times during the day to sample the traffic noise… even see what the neighbours are like. However unless you’re particularly foolhardy you’re probably not going to go out testing the local crime rate. Now you don’t need to! Use this tool to see how safe the area you’re thinking of moving to really is.

I think this a cracking website.

As well as the crime map overlay (which you access by clicking on the map on the right hand side after you’ve entered your postcode) you also get the contact details of your local police station and details of your local police officers.

Though be warned you might not like what you see…

Check out the crime in your area: Police UK


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