7 simple, time-saving Google shortcuts

Time Saving Google Tricks

Time Saving Google TricksThere are a host of simple ‘Google shortcuts’ that you can use to save time.

Instead of having to go to a separate website for information you can perform basic maths calculations, check flight times, look for film listings, bring up maps, look at stock prices and lots more – and ALL from your Google search bar.

I love simple time saving technology shortcuts like these. Once you get the hang of it they can save you a great deal of time and effort getting to the information you want.

1. Find out what’s showing at the cinema

Type movies and your postcode (or zip code if you’re in the States) into Google and hit enter. So for example:

movies EH7 6ED

This will then bring up a list of the films that are showing in your town or city and give you the option to view specific trailers. By clicking through to an individual film you’ll also be able to see viewing times for a selection of cinemas.

Google Movies
2. Do basic maths from your search bar

Instead of whipping out the trusty old calculator there’s a way to get Google to do the basic sums for you. All you need to know is the shorthand.

+ is plus

– is minus

/ is divide

* is multiply

% of is percent

Type in the number followed by the symbol and hit enter and Google will work it out for you. So for example you could tap in…

635 + 32488 / 32

or if you wanted to work out a percentage you could do…

34% of 7835627

The really cool thing about this is that as well as giving you the answer it also brings up a little calculator which you can click on. Handy if you want to try something more complex.

Google Calculator
3. Bring up maps instantly

Instead of faffing about with an A to Z why not let Google look up the street address for you? You don’t even need to go to Google Maps first because it’ll do it right from the search bar.

If you’ve got a full postcode (or zip code if you’re in the States) simply type it in and hit enter. If you’ve only got a street address then type that in followed by the city.  So for example you could do…



baker street, london

This will bring up a little map on the right hand side of your search results. The more info you can give it (separated by commas) the better.

google map
If you then click on the map which comes up you’ll get a much larger scrollable version from which you can also request directions and journey planning advice.

4. Get stock quotes

Want to find out the latest publicly traded stock prices? Simply type the ticker symbol of the company you want to look at and hit enter.

So for example you could tap in…


This will bring up the current price (there’s a 15 minute delay) as well as an intra-day chart. Nifty little tool for traders.

google stock5. Check your flight’s on time

This is a great trick that lets you check your flight status without having to trawl through dozens of pages on your airline’s website.

Simply type in the name of your airline and the specific flight number and hit enter. So for example:

british airways BA0015

This brings up the times, terminal and departure gate and lets you know if there are any delays.

Google Flights
6. See what the weather’s like where you’re headed

Want to know what the weather’s going to be like where you’re headed? Instead of visiting a weather forecasting website you can get all the details you need from Google.

Just type weather followed by your destination and then hit enter. So for example:

weather cardiff

google weather
You’ll be given a 7 day forecast instantly in Celsius or Fahrenheit (whichever your preference). You get everything from the predicted temperature and precipitation to wind and humidity.

7. Get dictionary definitions

This is handy if you’re stuck on a word and you don’t have a dictionary to hand. Simply type in define followed by the word you’re stuck on and hit enter and Google will bring up a definition for you.

So for example:

define cheese

This will bring up all the various different definitions in a little box. You can even click the little microphone to hear how it should be pronounced.

Google Define

Right! Those are the most popular Google shortcuts, I hope you found them useful.

If you enjoyed these or have found any other time saving tips you’d like to share please leave a comment below.


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