How to share any image or a screenshot online as a link

This simple, free tool lets you share images and screenshots online as a link, rather than as a download

I was on a support live chat the other day trying to explain a soul crushingly boring website issue with a customer support rep in Arizona.

We were going round in circles and the poor bloke clearly didn’t have a clue what I was banging on about. (To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was banging on about so he didn’t really stand a chance).

In situations like this you can usually save a lot of time by simply sending the other person a screenshot of exactly what you can see.

Don’t know how to take a screenshot?

Don’t worry, there’s a handy website which shows you how here:

How to take a screenshot

The problem is, most of these live chat facilities don’t let you share images or send files.

That’s where this free online tool comes in.

It’s a clever way to share an image with someone without having to email them a file or get them to download or open anything.

This is perfect if you want to:

  • Share an image with friends, family or colleagues, without filling up their inbox with bulky files
  • Share a screenshot with online support representatives when there’s no facility to upload or post images
  • Share an image during an online presentation, webinar or live chat that doesn’t let you upload files

How does it work?

You simply copy and paste… or drag and drop… or point your image (whichever’s faster and easier) on this website:

As soon as it’s done (it takes just a few seconds) you’ll be given a link which you can then share with whoever you want to view the image. No need to send it as a file or download. is quick, free and is useful in a surprisingly wide range of situations.

The only thing that’s worth bearing in mind (and this is true of anything that you put online) is that you need to make sure you don’t share sensitive information like passwords or logins or anything that could come back to haunt you.

Let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.


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