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Published on March 16th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Can you spot the imaginary doctor?

online wealth generation scamMore news from Dr Peter James Hardy and Online Wealth Generation…

I want to thank a number of our readers for doing a sterling sleuthing job on a gambling system I reviewed a while back called Online Wealth Generation. In particular Mick Wright and Nelly R for their intriguing, hilarious and somewhat disturbing discoveries.

Just to jog your memory this is the roulette system that claims to make you £600 a day thanks to a special system which apparently decodes the casinos’ ‘random number generators’.

It’s fronted by a chap called Dr Peter James Hardy (name ring a bell?). Dr Peter presents us with a jaw dropping CV…

As well as having a doctorate he claims to be the former Head Software Engineer at the London Stock Exchange.

Here’s a picture of him on the Online Wealth Generation Website:

online wealth generation scam

Such a trustworthy looking face.

So imagine my dismay when reader Steve pointed out:

“I worked at the LSE on the SETS project and during the period this guy claims to have worked there. He did NOT. This guy is a fake – please don’t waste your money!”

Oh dear…

… and I’m afraid it doesn’t get any better.

Do you remember the book Where’s Wally?

It was a puzzle picture book featuring a chap called Wally (or Waldo if you’re from the States). Wally wore a bobble hat and stripy red and white jumper. In addition to his unfortunate name, Wally had a problem: he kept on getting lost in all manner of crowds and it was your job to spot him.

Spotting him was never an easy feat and the search usually involved tracing every cm of the page with your finger 4,000 times. When you eventually found him it left you feeling strangely unfulfilled… and migrainey.

Anyway it turns out Dr Peter James Hardy, or plain old ‘Pete’, is on the same gig and loves mingling with different crowds.

Here he is on the website for the Catholic Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee inviting you ‘gift’ over your life insurance, worldly goods and limbs to the church.

Online Wealth Generation Scam


And what’s this? Surely not.

He’s in Spain!

Online Wealth Generation Scam Spain
I’ll roughly translate what it says for you:

“I’m Dr. Francisco Manuel Ortiz. I was Chief Engineer at the Madrid Stock Exchange (BM) from 1993 to 2004.”

WOW. He’s so well educated and he has so many different names… where does he find the time?

Here he is offering us a fully automatic £600 a day in the Winning Bot website which seems strangely similar to his Online Wealth Generation page. This time he seems to have suffered a bit of a memory lapse and forgotten his name. He’s now masquerading as Dr James Petersen bsc PhD.

winning-bot-Dr. James Petersen

And just when you start to miss him he comes back for one more round…

Online Wealth Generation Scam Spain Binary

Now he’s showing us how to make money from his ‘Binary Options Method’. Probably a trick he picked up at the LSE.

So it appears the good doctor speaks fluent Spanish, collects life insurance for the Catholic church in the USA, picks up PhDs in London and decodes online casinos’ random number generators in his spare time.

Is there no end to this man’s kindness and ability?

Impressive stuff.

Needless to say any email from Online Wealth Generation, Dr Peter-whoever-he-is should be deleted/burned/flung out of the window.

Either this guy doesn’t exist… or there’s a midwife who delivered quadruplets circa 1950 who’s got A LOT of explaining to do.

PS. I don’t believe it! Dr Peter James Hardy has just popped up AGAIN in my inbox, literally as I finished writing this. This time he’s emailing to say that his site’s been hacked by the online casinos (suuuure it has Pete, suuuuure).

But leaving his hacking woes to one side, I’m concerned about his astounding face lift/hair transplant combo. Very fetching. Are those new glasses you’re wearing?

Online Wealth Generation Scam Hacked

PPS. Final update: Now you too can buy Dr Peter James Hardy’s ‘business’ face.

Full marks to Insider’s Edge reader Adek who’s found the stock photo website where the creators of Online Wealth Generation found their face (it’s on istockphoto). Here’s a screengrab:

dr peter james hardy stock photo

I like the description which reads: “Active Senior Adult Businessman Portrait at Office”. A bargain for ’15 credits’…


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