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Best of the Web

Best of the Web Here are this week’s handpicked selections…

How to sell your house online

You can buy ANYTHING online these days… including a house. There are lots of benefits to going online if you’re thinking of selling your house, including mass exposure to millions of potential buyers and far less fees to pay (than you would to a traditional pay to high street estate agents). Here are some top tips from the Guardian:

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10 start-up tips for restaurant operators

Ever fancied starting up your own restaurant? Maybe you felt inspired by startups like Bombay Burrito (who are going strong by the way!) Here are some genuinely useful tips for any foodie entrepreneurs.

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How to cut costs on a day out to the theme park

Massive queues… soft drinks that cost a month’s wages… rides that make you feel sick. Joking aside, taking the kids to a theme park can be a great day out. If you’re able to wait for one of the gazillion special offer promotions on tickets every year there are often superb deals to be found. The problem is keeping control of the finances once you’re there. Here are some handy tips from Michelle Rubrecht.

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How to future proof your brand

Let’s face it, it’s a tough economic climate to do business in. Innovation and adaptability is key to the success of any business, but so too is the integrity of your brand. Here are some great tips from Real Business to stay future-proofed.

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How to survive a lion attack

Last week a teenager was mauled by a caged lion in Canada (thankfully she survived). How did it happen? She was trying to kiss the fur of a lion when it made a grab for her and pulled her legs into the cage. Erm… it should go without saying that if you’re ever confronted by a lion don’t try to kiss its fur (I can’t believe anyone would need to be told that). Kissing aside, what else can you do in a lion attack? Here’s some savvy advice:

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One tiny hand

Another Tumblr blog for your amusement. In this masterpiece celebrities and fictional characters have been given the photoshop treatment on a specific body part… They’ve all been given ‘one tiny hand’ for no other reason than it looks ridiculous.

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Infographic: How burglars are using social media

It’s a serious problem. With people constantly checking in online, posting pictures of themselves on holiday and leaving personal details on publicly accessible websites, robbers are having a field day. Professional burglars don’t even need to skulk around in the cold looking for empty houses to target any more – they can just nip online and see who’s let the world know that they’re away for the weekend. Great infographic revealing the dangers…


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