How to get the best possible prices on DVDs and Blu-rays (without doing any research)

How to save money on DVDs and Blu RayHere are 3 clever online tools which act like your own personal shopper and identify the best prices on DVDs and Blu-rays for you – for free. Perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts – and treats for yourself

(Please note: this tip is UK only)

Save time traipsing around the high street or getting lost on labyrinthine websites looking for the best deal. Here’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure you get the best possible price on DVDs and Blu-rays.

You don’t need to register or login to use on these services you simply go to their website and search or browse for the title you’re after.

Here are the Insider’s Edge top 3 DVD/Blu-ray price comparison tools

Please note: At first glance it would appear that the following tools focus only on the DVD format – but don’t be fret, they also compare prices on hi-definition Blu Ray titles as well. In all cases you get a synopsis of the film as well as a list of outlets and what they are charging.

1. Find DVD(see website)

Navigate to the movie of your choice or use the inbuilt search facility and the website will bring up a list of the outlets (including eBay, Amazon, Play, Asda and lots more) and the price they offer it for.

Tip: If you’re looking for a DVD or a Blu-ray include this in your search to save you wading through the search results. For example you could type in “iron man 3 blu ray”  (it doesn’t need to be capitalised).

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Find DVD
Here’s an example of what a price comparison check looks like on Find DVD

2. 123 Price Check – (see website)

123 Price Check is similar to Find DVD except the lay out is a little different and you can also choose from music, books and games. Even though it only shows DVD as an object in the drop down menu this is a peculiar and somewhat misleading as they also price check on Blu-rays as well.

Here’s a screenshot of how the search results look:

123 Price Check
Here’s how a price comparison check looks on 123 Price Check

3. Best DVD Price – (see website)

This is our final offering and it’s almost identical to 123 Price Check in that you can search for books, music and games as well as movies.

If I was being really nit-picky, I’d say I find the design and layout a little less user friendly (in that it doesn’t draw your eye quite as quickly to the best price) but still a useful tool in your price comparison armoury.

Here’s a screenshot of how the search results look for the same title we searched for earlier:

Best DVD Price
Here’s how a price comparison check looks on Best DVD Price

Right that’s it!

Hopefully these tools should save you a bit of money next time you’re ordering a DVD or Blu-ray online.

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If you found this article helpful or have used similar tools which you’d like to share with the Insider’s Edge community, please leave a comment below.


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