How ‘Lorry Spotters’ Get Rich

Article by Charlie Wright

I had two celebrity-based dreams last night – and I swear these are true…

1. I was on a rooftop rehabilitation clinic run by Noel Edmunds. Strapped to a bench alongside other patients, I’d lost the use of my legs through a combination of fatigue and lager abuse. A girl was screaming that it was all a scam and part of an evil plot. But I couldn’t move to escape. Noel was laughing like a madman.

2. I was in Thailand and was taken to seafood restaurant by the chef, Rick Stein. When I sat at the table, Rick and his posh guests were sticking their forks into monstrous, raw squid-like creatures and going “mmmm”. On the table was a giant catfish with no skin. Yet it was alive and kept rolling its eyeballs at me. When I tucked into my plate of food, it was just rice and beaks.

I shot out of bed at 8am this morning, and threw myself into this e-letter, terrified of having another dream.

(By the way, 8am is EARLY for me!)

Luckily, today’s biz opp jungle email is even MORE exciting than these two dreams combined.


I’ve got an absolute corker of an opportunity to talk about.

This is the craziest, yet greatest website I’ve seen recently??It’s my firm belief that ANYONE – yes, and that means you, amigo – has the potential to make a lot of money.

A great deal more than your job or retirement fund pay you anyway. And you WON’T have to work your little socks off.

Just as long as you can find the following:

…Something that has a strong niche market that you can specialise in.

…Something where there’s little competition… where you can do something the competition CAN’T.

…Something where your customers or clients have a genuine need and desire to solve a problem or achieve their goals… and where you can help them do this.

…Something that you enjoy and are willing to work at every day until it starts making money.

It sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

Well, I don’t think so. There are thousands of untapped ideas out there waiting for someone like you to come along.

I’m talking about simple, fun ideas that don’t take great genius or skill. Business ideas you can call your own, and put the money directly into your own pocket.

You just need to spot the gap.

Something like this:

Yep, you saw it right. This is a subscription website for people who spot lorries. Just like train spotters or plane spotters.

It may sound mad, but obviously someone has found out that there ARE people who are obsessed with cataloguing different types of lorry.

And they’ve supplied a niche subscription website specifically for this audience.

Type “lorry spotting” into google…

NO adverts come up for it. Only their website comes up.

Their website also comes up if you put “truck spotting” in for Google US. This is an untapped market.

Now think about it…

If you were obsessed with lorry spotting… did it every spare weekend… and there was just one website offering vital information and a sense of community…

Would you pay to subscribe to it?

Of course you would!

And if you were at all interested in lorry spotting, would you eventually find this website?

EASILY. If you didn’t find out about it on the web, you’d be sure to hear it word of mouth from fellow spotters.
And look at the money a simple site can make

You’d only need 1000 lorry spotters in the UK to sign up at the £25 basic membership and you’ll make £25,000 a year.

Get 2000 lorry spotters, perhaps worldwide, and that’s £50,000… Get 4,000 lorry spotters and you’ve made £100,000… put them on FULL membership of £40 and that’s £180,000…

And remember, this is PER YEAR.

This is exactly the kind of simple, powerful idea that really makes money. I absolutely love it.

And look – they offer a FREE e-letter as well! This will drive traffic to the site again and again, pull in constant streams of new members, and add depth to the relationship between customer and business.

They’re doing everything right, these guys. But I doubt they’re some kind of business geniuses. They’ve just done a bit of looking, found a niche, and filled it.


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